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Friday, October 17, 2014

15th Night 'Til Hallo'een - Free Ebola Movie & Killer Costume Tutorial

With the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has apparently spread to the United States in a small way, it seems appropriate to share the 1995 film about Ebola, Outbreak.  You can view it by for free or if you wish, you can watch it on HBO Go by clicking here if you are subscribed to HBO Go!

This article (click here) seeks to dispel the differences and myths that seem to have been enforced by the film, Outbreak, about Ebola.  The film is pretty entertaining, anyway, and the virus is not exactly Ebola, anyway.  Its got a different name, (Motaba Virus), but its pretty gosh darn close :).
Isn't it adorable!?
 I think you all know what you are getting for your summer birthdays!!!!

And Yay, Merry Halloween (15 days shy of the holiday), free Outbreak Epidemic Disease Games online is my gift to you, my dear readers.  Now, go forth and infect things (for not real online).
Pandemic I - Create your own custom virus to wipe out the world!

Pandemic II - The sequel to Pandemic I, a little more detailed with a higher difficulty level.

Pandemic - American Swine - In this version, you are trying to negate the virus and save the world instead of trying to create a virus and destroy humanity. 

Pandemic EOM - Extinction of man is a spin-off of Pandemic! The game features brand new game-play and features.

Pandemic III - The long awaited sequel to all the Pandemic games that have existed with new, advanced, and kick-azz features!

Infectionator - World Dominator - Create a successful zombie outbreak that can't we fought off to conquer the world!  

Infectionator II -  The sequel to Infectionator - World Dominator

Ok, he kinda hits the nail on the head.  Anyway, this is a thing...the Ebola costume...

So yeah, there's that.

Anyway, below you can watch the bloody eye make-up tutorial.

That can actually show you how to look like you have an epidemic disease like Ebola
and I shall also post a Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay video!

The bloody eye tutorial is not in English, but just watch her.
She shows you how to get it done!

I don't know how much I agree with the plastic shopping bag being used over your head, but you could probably achieve the same thing with a chunking helmet for hair color or something since it has tons of holes in it.

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