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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Free Classic Horror Marathon Saturday!

Black Sunday (1960) - In 1630 Moldavia, an attractive witch, Asa Vajda, and her beloved, Javuto are sentenced to death for sorcery by the unfortunate girl's nasty brother.  Prior to being burned at the stake, Asa vows revenge and puts a curse on her wicked brother's descendants. A metal mask with sharp spikes on the inside is placed over the witch's face and hammered into her flesh.

Two hundred years after Asa and her guy are executed, Dr. Thomas Kruvajan and his assistant, Dr. Andre Gorobec, travel through Moldavia to a medical conference when their carriage is damaged and needs repair.  While waiting for their coachman to repair the vehicle, the two men are exploring and find Asa's tomb.

They view her death mask through a glass panel and silly Kruvajan breaks the panel by accident while swatting away a bat in the tomb.  Then, the dummy actually takes out Asa's death mask, which she wore in her death and continues to wear.  Stupid cuts his hand on the glass he broke to get the mask out.  His blood drips onto the corpse of Asa's face.  Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

Mill of the Stone Women (1965) - Hans arrives in a town near Amsterdam to write a story on the reclusive sculptor, Professor Val, who lives on an island in the old mill house the locals call the Mill of the Stone Women. Hans meets the professor's beautiful and seductive daughter, and begins feeling passion for her despite his true love for Lisa Lotta. Slowly he becomes aware of the nefarious experiments being conducted by Val and his furtive assistant Dr. Boles, and local women continue to disappear.   
IMDB: Written by Ed Sutton

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Mill Of The Stone Woman by Craze Digital Movies

Blood Thirst (1971) - A sex-crimes specialist from New York travels to the Philippines to help his friend, a Manila homicide detective, solve a series of murders.

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