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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ebola Films & Documentaries - Ebola Outbreak 2014

With the current Ebola outbreak in the Southern United States (Atlanta, Georgia), it seemed appropriate to blog about this again since many of you are searching for it and landing on this blog and reading my other Ebola post about symptoms.  I'm going to put up some films, documentaries, and other resources for you guys to learn more about the horrible affliction.  As you know, if you read this blog often, its kinda one of my things, horrific afflictions.

You can watch the 1995 film about Ebola, Outbreak, by clicking here for free or if you wish, you can watch it on HBO Go by clicking here if you are subscribed to HBO Go!

This article (click here) seeks to dispel the differences and myths that seem to have been enforced by the film, Outbreak, about Ebola.  The film is pretty entertaining, anyway, and the virus is not exactly Ebola, anyway.  Its got a different name, (Motaba Virus), but its pretty gosh darn close :).  

And, if you are interested in owning this ^^^^^^Ebola plushie, click here!
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