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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best YouTube Horror Playlists

Secrets of the Dead - I love this!  Its sort of a horrific history epidemic disease show.  I am watching this right now!  Click here to watch them continuously.  You can just let the channel play and it will play a marathon!

TromaMovies - This is actually a channel, but its got playlists within, of course.  I love Troma and when I am in a comedy mood, this is usually my go-to channel!  Click here to checka check it out!

Amityville Horror Playlist - Obviously, this is cool, because its got a ton of documentaries and real history shows about "The Amityville Horror Story".  Click here to get there!

Ghost World - This is actually a channel that has multiple playlists that revolve around ghosts, haunting, and the paranormal.  Click here to check out all the playlists.  I am sending you to the page in their channel that displays all their unique playlists.

Full Horror Movies (Swoop Films) - This is a cool little playlist with a bunch of free films (most of them newish).  Click here to check them out!

Johnny Low's Channel (Seasons of Tales From The Crypt Multiple Playlists) - I'll send you to the page that displays seasons you can choose from.  Click here!

Serial Killers Around the World - What a gem!  I love the Iceman and some of the other serial killers you can learn about here!  The Iceman is technically a hit-man, but he killed people without getting paid, too, if he found a valid reason, ouch.  He's scary!  Click here to watch continuously without having to skip around, eff yes!

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