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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Disturbing Horror Movies

I watched Suspiria and Inferno this week.  I just finished Inferno this morning.  I will be watching the rest of Mother of Tears later, but I just wanted to post some of the horror flicks I have found to be most psychologically disturbing that I can think of over the years.

These three films, of course, are part of a Dario Argento Trilogy, The Three Mothers and although I thought Suspiria was a bit of a yawn fest, Inferno had a little more action and I love the way the movies are shot with vivid, surreal scenes, like you are walking down the halls yourself and so you jump when something or someone comes out of the shadows.

One is supposed to imagine all the adult characters are children, because that's the way Argento wanted to create the story on film, but was thwarted from doing so as the thought was that child murders on-screen might not translate too well to audiences.

If you think of the movie in that perspective, the adult veneers of the characters will melt away and you will be freaked out.  Its almost like a weird Hansel and Gretel type of vibe with a little "Kubrick" flare going on, but much weirder.

There are a few really cool murder scenes in Inferno that just are way cooler than in Suspiria.  I also think the story-line is much richer.  It keeps suspense the same way that it happens in Suspiria, but you know what's going on a little better and it gives an adequate back-story that you don't feel like you get in Suspiria.

The best part of Inferno is the appearance of many cats and most of the bad guys appear to be cat fans and the cats get their just deserts as they should.  Its the best scene in the entire movie.  I love cats!

You can watch both Suspiria and Inferno online by clicking on their respective names.  Its free.  One's on Hulu and the other is hosted on YouTube. 

It takes a great deal to disturb me, because I'm pretty much already there, but some matters disturb me more than they might disturb others.  If you are of like mind, perhaps you will get a startle out of these titles. I'm linking the titles to pages where you can watch them for free so click away and bookmark away!

The Sentinel (1977) - The scene with the father having a threesome with the chicks in his bed hills me to the bone.  They are all just creepy and the way they laugh is sinister.  The mute, masturbating lesbian freaks me out a bit, too!

Vampyres (1974) - Lesbian vampires who are really thirsty, yeah, they scare me.  They look like normal sluts who invite dudes over to hook up, but the way they drink people's blood and eat them whole kinda, its gross, like they are animals.              

The Hellraiser Franchise (1987 - ?) -  Pinhead and the Cenobites are my greatest fear.  I won't open the box, because if they come, it would suck! I don't want to be introduced to any new pleasures, thanks. 

Don't Look in the Basement - First of all, seventies mental hospitals and institutions scare everyone.  They are creepy and all clinical and stuff.  Second, the residents in this hospital scare the crap out of me!  I'm glad anti-psychotics were introduced to a population that really needed them!

The Girl Next Door - Yeah, being locked in a basement and starved and stuff, not a fun experience and the fact that this girl's own aunt was inflicting this one one girl and nobody else, disturbing!  The fact that this is based on a true story is most disturbing!

Once you've seen these, you can never unsee them!

I don't have links for you to watch these ones, but they were equally as disturbing as the former.
  • Teeth
  • The Human Centipede I
  • The Human Centipede II
  • Dumplings
  • Hard Candy
  • A Clockwork Orange (not horror, but terrifying)
I haven't seen the Serbian movie, but I've heard its pretty disturbing.  I'm afraid to see it and this is me we are talking about!

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