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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Watch A Haunting & My Ghost Story Free Here!

The Twilight Zone 
 Tales From the Crypt

A Haunting

S05E01 Blood Visions
S05E03 - Nightmare in Bridgeport  
S05E05 Dark Dreams
 S05E07 Back from the Grave
S05E08 The Uninvited
 S05E10- Death's Door
S06E01 - Marked by Evil
 S06E02 Well to Hell
S06E03 - Black Magic
S06E04 - Haunted Victorian

Ghost Adventures - The Salem Witches 
The uneXplained
Ghostly Encounters
Psychic Investigators
Haunted History

My Ghost Story
S06E05 - Haunting Grounds of Ireland

Haunted Collector
Haunted - Ghost Stories
 5th Dimension - Secrets of the Supernatural
When Ghosts Attack

Killer Contact

Biography Channel 
Bio Episodes

Horror/Sci-Fi Notable Authors

Edgar Allan Poe
Bram Stoker
H.G. Wells

Murderer/Sadists, Whores & Mystics

Lizzie Borden
Marquis de Sade

Serial Killer Bios

Richard Speck
H.H. Holmes
Manson - The Notorious Crime & Trial
Beast of the Ukraine (Andrei Chickatilo)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Dark Shadows (1966)

Paranormal TV

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