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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Full Length B Horror - Jezebeth & Hellfire

Jezebeth - In the attic of an ancestral home, a devil worshiping sadist, Jezebeth Blandy (Bree Michaels), at war with God, unwittingly discovers a nineteenth century diary that details the summoning of a demon. Jezebeth succeeds in breaking a satanic code inside her hell room which creates for her two realities. R Squared Films to feature the new vampire film "Jezebeth" at the 2012 Cannes, France film festival. Jezebeth: directed, produced and written by Damien Dante. The co-producers and executive producers are Jeffrey A Swanson and Lloyd Freeze. - Written by Damien Dante @IMDB.

You can watch it for free below!



Hellfire - Check out the trailer below!

If you enjoyed the trailer, you can watch the full movie at Scary Movies by clicking here.

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