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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shark Horror Flicks - Welcome to Shark Week Early

You can watch all these shark flicks free before I continue with this post so I am just going to post the movies and you can watch them.  Bookmark this when you are in the mood for a good shark flick or a bad one, whatever floats your boat--no pun intended.

Dark Waters (2003) - Two divers are repairing a pipe valve connected to an offshore oil transfer station in the Gulf of Mexico. A third member of the diving team is monitoring the divers from inside the submerged area of the transfer station when he notices something moving towards the divers. The divers are attacked by a group of great white sharks, which has been genetically engineered (in a not good way).  They have escaped from their confinement area.

Red Water (2003 ) -  Body parts are found in the waters of the Mississippi. No one can figure out who is behind it until a man eating bull shark turns up. Unlike other bull sharks, this one can breathe in fresh water and has deadly encounters with all who come in contact with it. The local tribe's people believe that the bull shark is actually a spirit that protects the area.

As more deaths surface a $10,000 reward is posted in exchange for the death of the shark. John Sanders and his ex-wife are hired to help locate an oil rig located in the same waters with the deadly bull shark.  You can watch it on Crackle here.  

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