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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Horror Creature Features To Watch Free Online!

Lady Frankenstein (1971) - Baron Frankenstein's daughter, Tania, comes home from med school and is greeted by her father and his servant, a handsome and developmentally challenged man named Thomas. Tania reveals to her dad that she has always understood his work with "animal transplants" to be a cover for his work reanimating corpses, and that she intends to follow in his footsteps and help him in his work.

You might want to watch this in adult company only, because there are lots of boobies.
 You can watch Lady Frankenstein for free without signing up or downloading it--you can stream it online--right now on FullHorror.com.

Night Feeders (2006) - Four deer hunters encounter a horde of carnivorous aliens in a remote countryside and fight to survive the night.  You can watch it for free streaming on line on Yidio.com.

Return of the Killer Tomatoes (1988) - Obviously, this is the sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  The film begins ten years after the Tomato War. Professor Gangreen works on developing killer tomatoes that can withstand the love song Puberty Love, which is what defeated the Killer Tomatoes in the previous conflict. Wilbur Finletter, who was one of the leaders who fought against Professor Gangreen, has opened a pizzeria that sells pizzas that have no tomatoes in them.

You can watch Return of the Killer Tomatoes for free on Yidio.  Its also available on Netflix if you have it along with its precursor, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  Unfortunately, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes isn't available on Yidio, though.

Dawn of the Mummy (1981) - Models disturb the tomb of a mummy and revive an ancient curse. Along with the mummy rising¸ slaves who were buried in the desert thousands of years ago, too, rise.  They all crave human flesh. Who doesn't?

You can watch this flick for free on BMovies.com without signing up or downloading.  It streams to your computer or mobile device for free.

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