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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Horror Suspense Movies - Watch Online!

Trauma (2004) - Awaking from a coma to discover his wife has been killed in a car accident, Ben's world may as well have come to an end. A few weeks later, Ben's out of hospital and, attempting to start a new life, he moves home and is befriended by a beautiful young neighbor Charlotte. His life may be turning around but all is not what it seems and, haunted by visions of his dead wife, Ben starts to lose his grip on reality.

This flick stars Mena Suvari & Colin Firth.

Half Light (2006) - Rachel Carlson (Demi Moore), a successful novelist moves to a small Scottish village to move on with her life after the death of her son. Strange things start to happen when she is haunted by ghosts and real life terror.

No Place Like Home (2007) -  David Stevens has started with a new life or so he thinks when he decides to return to his ancestral place. Thinking that the past is behind him, David is normal, until a series of unexpected cold blooded murders shake the town.

Dealing with the strange deaths of his parents and now being put under the suspicion of current murders, David loses faith of his friends and family. However, David is not the only one with a secret and the others try hard not to dwell on theirs. While the drama unfolds, the face of savagery comes to reveal itself to the town people.

Cropsey (2009) - This is a documentary about the local boogeyman in Staten Island, Cropsey, who kidnapped kids.  Two filmmakers who discover that the urban legend of their young days has become true and thus decide to solve the mystery that involves five children who went missing as well as the man who was held responsible for their disappearances.

It centers around a man who used to work at the creepy former Willowbrook State School, where special needs children were once institutionalized back when people were institutionalized...doesn't really happen anymore...(true story).  Willowbrook is a scary store in and of itself.  I linked it to Wikipedia so you can see how creepy that place was and is!

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