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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wicked Awesome Zombie Flicks!

Return of the Living Dead (1985) - The government creates a toxic gas.  The top secret barrels of the toxic gas are hidden away in a storage facility.  The toxic gas gets out of the barrel and dead people come to life.  What's not to love!

Best Scene - Do You Ever Fantasize About Being Killed???!!!

Check out the whole movie below!!!


Land of the Dead - The zombies in Land of the Dead are intelligent, they are banded together, and they are much scarier, because they think and they are fast!  The humans have created their own fortress away from the zombie population as they roam outside this complex.  There are those who want to live in their overtaken world where the zombies roam and hunt them mercilessly, good stuff!

This guy defends the other zombies, because he is smart.  He doesn't like people killing his pals for no reason.  So what if they want to eat your brains!


I don't know about everybody, but I really liked Fido.  The zombies in Fido wear a collar that makes them docile and they are slaves to the humans.  They have jobs working in their yards, cooking their food, and taking care of their kids and pets.  If the collar comes off, there is a problem!  No problem!  There is an entire company that keeps zombie outbreaks and the zombies that get out of control in check, but its kinda sad!


Masters of Horror: Homecoming (2005)

As an unpopular war rages overseas, the administration wishes our dead troops could return home and tell how proud they were to serve, Veterans rise from their flag-draped coffins for the most horrific reason of all: to vote.

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