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Friday, December 6, 2013

Scary Performance Art: Volume 1

1.  Vaginal Knitting...

Melbourne, Australia Performance Artist spends 28 days knitting a scarf from wool that is inserted in her vagina, even during her period.

How's that for terrifying and messed up art and culture?  How'd you like to receive a white knitted period scarf for your holiday gift.  WTF do they need scarves for in Australia?  Isn't it super hot there?  Go figure.  It should smell great dripping with blood.  The animals of the wild should attack you gloriously!

The best part is that she is going to keep this uncomfortable hunk of wool up her see you next Tuesday for 28 full days as she continues to go about her daily routine, stopping to knit liberally when necessary or when she feels like it.  OOOOH, I do not want to be the recipient of this gift.  Deeeeeeesturb...ing!!!!  She discusses the vulva being fluffy.  My sheeeeet isn't fluffy, because it is smooth and groomed for effs sake, Gawd!!!!!

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