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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Syfy Marathon 2013 - 8 PM/7 CST

The Twilight Zone - Season 1 Rundown - You can watch some of it on YouTube and then again on Syfy on New Year's Eve, 2013, December 31 at 8 PM/7 CST.  If you click this link, you will see Episode 1 of Season 1 and you can check out the others in the YouTube sidebar to your right of the website!

Where Is Everybody?
Greeted by empty streets, a man searches a small town to find that he is completely and inexplicably alone. The series pilot.

One for the Angels
Informed that his time on Earth is about up, a gentle sidewalk salesman named Bookman talks Mr. Death into letting him make one really big pitch.

Mr. Denton on Doomsday
A broken-down gunslinger finds a magic potion that restores his shooting skill, but brings an end to his fast-draw career.

The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
A forgotten star of the thirties uses films of her old movies to re-create the spirit of her heyday.

Walking Distance
A man's need to escape the pressure of his work is so great that he slips back 30 years into his own childhood.

Escape Clause
A man makes a pact with the devil for immortality then finds he doesn't get a kick out of living anymore.

The Lonely
Convicted of murder and sent to a deserted asteroid for 40 years, a man is given a robot woman for company.

Time Enough at Last
Nearsighted, meek bank clerk Henry Bernis is the sole survivor of an H-bomb attack. At last he has the time to engulf himself in his passion for books. Or so he thinks.

Perchance to Dream

A terrified man stumbles into a psychiatrist's office, afraid that if he falls asleep a woman in his dream will murder him.

Judgment Night
A passenger on board a wartime freighter has a premonition that the ship will be sunk by a Nazi submarine at 1:15 a.m., but no one believes him.

And When the Sky Was Opened
Three astronauts, returning from man's first space flight, cannot remember the events of their trip. Then they begin to disappear one by one.

The Four of Us Are Dying
Arch Hammer can change his face to look exactly like someone else, a talent that he depends on for a living.

Third From the Sun
Two families steal a rocket ship and flee to another world before atomic war devastates their own.

I Shot an Arrow Into the Air
A panicky astronaut traveler, believing his ship has crashed on a deserted asteroid, kills his two companions to save water, then discovers his shocking true location.

The Hitch-Hiker
Driving cross-country, a girl keeps seeing the same hitch-hiker on the road ahead, beckoning her toward a fatal accident.

The Last Flight

Fleeing from a World War One dogfight, a cowardly British pilot lands his 1917 biplane at a modem jet air base in France ...in 1959.

The Purple Testament
A soldier unexpectedly acquires the power to recognize death in the faces of men about to die in battle.

Earth-like scenes from many historical periods greet three space travelers who land on a strange planet.

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
A mysterious power failure causes paranoid suburban residents to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space.

A World of Difference
A businessman inexplicably finds his office has become a set for a movie in which he is a character.

Long Live Walter Jameson
A college professor is startled to learn that his young colleague and prospective son-in-law was born 2000 years ago with the gift of eternal life.

People Are Alike All Over
Sam Conrad, the first human to visit Mars, is relieved to find that the Martians treat him kindly and even build him a house like his home on Earth — but with one big difference.

An outlaw in the Wild West of the 1880s is snatched from the hangman's noose by a modern scientist's time machine.

The Big Tall Wish
A 10-year-old boy tells a prize fighter that he will make a wish for him to win his comeback fight.

A Nice Place to Visit
A small-time hoodlum gets killed by the police during a robbery and finds an afterlife where he can have anything he wants.

Nightmare as a Child
A teacher's encounter with herself as a child unlocks her memory of witnessing her mother's murder.

A Stop at Willoughby
A harassed executive escapes into the peaceful town of Willoughby in July 1880.

The Chaser
A lovesick man finds unexpected results when he buys a potion from a stranger to help woo the woman he desires.

A Passage for Trumpet
A down-on-his-luck trumpet player is given a second crack at life after being struck down by a truck.

Mr. Bevis
A happy-go-lucky man loses his job, his car and his home in one morning, then meets his "guardian angel" who tells him they will start the day anew.

The After Hours

A woman who buys a thimble on the ninth floor of a department store later discovers the floor doesn't exist, and makes a startling discovery after the store closes.

The Mighty Casey
The manager of a baseball team on a losing streak hires a robot pitcher called Casey.

A World of His Own
A playwright describes characters into his tape recorder and they materialize before his eyes.

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