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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Gifts for The Ultimate Horror Fan

I have always been difficult to shop for. If you are one of my gal pals, you know make-up, hair products, and clothes are always a good pick, but every single boyfriend or male friend I have had says to themselves, "She's really weird, what the hell do I get her?".

The answer to that is horror stuff. Aside from music and movies, if you are looking for something interesting for the ultimate horror fan on your shopping list, here are some fresh ideas.

Universal Monsters Action Figures


These guys are under $25 and wicked awesome, of course!

You can purchase these at Target.com only, not in-store. They have the Creature from The Blue Lagoon, The Mummy, Dracula, and Frankenstein, of course.

Who doesn't hold the old and wise Hannibal Lecter near and dear to their hearts?  Keep him with you all the time or better yet with your ultimate horror fan!

For under $15 at Toys 'R Us, this is pretty awesome!


Aside from owning a Bruce Campell doll, which is a good gift in itself, why not accompany him with an Evil Dead Henrietta doll???  Its under $20 and if you are going for an under $50, throwing in her and a Bruce doll is a wicked awesome idea!


She is one sexy mama!

Audrey II Puppet (Little Shop of Horrors)

She's a little pricey, but she's a puppet!  I love her!


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