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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Free Horror Movies You Can Watch Free Online!

1.  Children of the Corn - Outlander!  He wants you Malki!  There was Carrie, but a classic even more awesome thank Carrie is Stephen King's Children of the Corn!

2.  The Cloth -  A strapping young lad man is being recruited into "The Cloth", a Secret Catholic Church Society created to stop the rising number of cases of demonic possessions.

3.  I Spit on Your Grave - A NYC writer ventures to a secluded cabin in the woods to write her first novel.  In the woods, she is savagely r*p'd by four country boys and left for dead.  She lives and these hicks are in effing trouble!

4.  Night of the Living Dead - The original, which needs no introduction.

5.  The House by the Cemetery - Dr. Norman Boyle (Paolo Malco), of the New York Historical Society, accepts a research assignment abandoned by a colleague who has committed suicide.

6.  Freak Show - When a gang of thieves, hiding out in a circus sideshow, decides to steal from the wealthy owner, there are horrific consequences!

7.  Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers - Based on the true events that inspired the classic, The Exorcist, a psychiatrist suggests a girl has been possessed by the Devil, and contacts a Catholic priest to perform an Exorcism.

8.  Fragile - At her new job in a rundown children's hospital, a nurse desperately tries to keep her patients safe from a plague of random mysterious attacks.

9.  The Children - A nuclear plant leak turns a bus-load of children into murderous atomic zombies with black fingernails.

10.  I'm Not Jesus Mommy - Desperate to have her own baby, a fertility specialist steals a cloned embryo -- but the child could have a terrifying impact on the entire world.

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