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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Handsome Real-Life Serial Killers & Stalkers

Jeffrey Dahmer - Now, if you went out to the local gay club and met this handsome, sort of dorky, unassuming and intelligent man who was kinda shy, would you think he was going to slip a roofie in your drink, drill a hole in your brain, and take you to bed?  Probably not, right?  Would you expect to see a head in his freezer or think that he eats boiled peen for Sunday dinner?  Neither would I.  I wouldn't be scared of Jeff.  He seems like a dorky guy next door.  He's not bad looking either.  Go figure.

Andrew Cunanan - Ok, so he was kind of a slut and prostituted himself.  So, lots of people are sluts and plenty of hookers and call guys and girls don't kill anyone.  That definitely doesn't mean this clean cut, good looking, put together looking gay man would go on a random shooting spree for no reason other than the fact that he just felt like killing people.  The guy killed Gianni Versace and fashion will never be the same again.  Really, who would have thought?  Oh, Andy, what is wrong with you?  Or...should I say was, 'cuz he's very dead...as a doornail.

Oh, so we all thought there were only good looking gay serial killers so if you are a straight guy or a lesbian, you are safe, NOT!  If you really think hard, does anybody remember a guy called Ted Bundy.  Now, I don't think he's handsome, but many people find him very attractive.  He seemingly appears to be a good catch for some Ivy League Republican girl.  Did you ever think this guy would be into necro lovin' and forcible lovins' if you wanna call it that?  He's clean cut and wicked normal looking.  Who's mom wouldn't love him?

So, you thought gay and straight white and Hispanic men were the only handsome serial killers that you should steer clear of, wrong!  There absolutely are black men who serial kill, stalk, and force themselves on those who don't think its coming. 

Lemuel Smith is a r*pier...as well as a serial killer.  He was so charming, handsome, and polite that he was able to kill a female prison guard on duty, because he was allowed to work in the prison alongside women and they weren't scared of him, but the compulsion to kill was obviously inside him and even in prison, it didn't stop this urge.  He was in prison for doing it more than once and he did it again in custody. 

You can't see much in this photograph of a young Lemuel and as a slightly older man, but Lemuel has been on TV and is still a good looking older man with gorgeous, blazing green eyes, not scary and cold eyes, pretty green eyes that could make any girl stare.

Oh, so you think you are a straight man and you are all set, nope, there are female serial killers, too.  They don't all look like Eileen Wuornos either and they are definitely not all lesbians.

Karla Hamolka was a young woman, who was married to a man whom she "loved" and was attracted to.  The problem is that he was the Scarsborough Ray-pist in Canada.  She helped him lure and abduct young girls and kill them and even participated in the forcible r*pez.

She now lives somewhere else in the world and is out of jail.  She is married and has at least one child, skeeeery!!!!  That's probably the scariest thing you will read on this blog!

So ya get it, you are not safe anywhere.  I sincerely hope this brightens your day, wait, darkens your night, I don't know, do you at least feel way more informed than you did earlier?

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