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Monday, October 14, 2013

Epic Incubi and Succubi of Myth & Movies

Succubus - a feminine demon who takes female form to seduce men, sucking out their life force, and often killing them. Now, in the movies nowadays, female succubi are often shown as hot whereas back in medieval times and in the far back past, they looked much like Jocelyn Wildenstein post-surgical procedures or even like Donatella Versace in a bikini and much less like Angelina Jolie. Jocelyn might have been what we would like a succubus to look like in her modeling days in the 1970's.

By the way, if you Google the ugliest woman on Earth, you will come up with several photographs of Jocelyn in various stages of her cosmetic transformation into what I believe is supposed to be a cat.  She was actually a very attractive woman pre-surgery.

Before I continue, I was wondering, and you can comment and answer or let me know on Facebook, would you rather have five minutes with Angelina and have to endure a half an hour with Joselyn or Donatella or just not do it at all?

Lilith - Mother of all Succubi.  Lilith is also the name given to a sensitive point in the moon's orbit in Astronomy and Astrology known as "Black Lilith".  In Jewish (Hebrew) Mythology, Lilith was Adam's first wife in Genesis in the Bible's first tesament who eventually became a succubus after leaving her husband, Adam and refusing to come back to the Garden of Eden after she banged on of God's archangels, Samael. 

In the Zoharistic Kabbalah, there were four succubi who mated with Samael.  Those hos were Lilith, Mahalath, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Naamah, all succubi, because they were humans who hooked up with an angel, and their kids all came out deformed and giant or worse. 

Now, when they are said to take form of a hot chick, you will find messed up shyte the closer you get kinda like when Keanu Reeves (Jonathan Harker) hooks up with those vampire chicks in the basement of Dracula's Castle in Bram Stoker's Dracula like the Madussa Chick or the two chicks that share a body and don't have any legs, they are just two bodies joined at the waist and I am pretty sure there is no vajayjay so they sorta look like Shiva in her female form with no vajay, but they have two heads.  Its kinda like that.  Anyway, succubi do have vajay, but they might be effed up like those creatures of the pit.

When you get all up in the succubi's vajay, it is freezing cold unlike the human or mermaid of legend's vajay, which is supposed to be way better than peep poon, but of course, the Siren, which is a mean mermaid of legend is like a water succubi, the girl's no good!

Now, on to other things...let us discuss The Unholy (1988), one film where a succubus tempts the priest in the church to do her and he yells, "Dear Lord, What is it you will have me do?" and all that business, well, she....was a very hot veiled and very naked 80's succubus.  Now, why she is trying to bang him, I don't know, to make him screw up his vows, probably, but yeah...she's a very naughty girl.

The Kiss (1988), another good year, was a movie about a gal who's aunt had some type of weird family relic that made her into a succubus who was always young and beautiful and could live forever.  The aunt is cooler than mom and is a French model and blah blah so the niece would rather hang out with her and then she thinks she's creepy after her mother dies and she starts to movie in on dad.

I think she was the shell of the girl's aunt possessed by a succubus, who sucked the life out of a living relative and they carried the curse and so on so they would have to then in turn suck another's life out when the time was right, yeah, right of passage type deal.  So, she's sort of like an inc*stu*us demonic lesbian succubus.  Auntie Felicia has issues.

The Incubus also sucks out your life, making you weak and ill, but he often does not wish to kill you, because he wants you to bear his deformed ass demon seed.  He can get it on with men, too, but its usually a chick he wants.  They r*pe men and women, but usually women since they want little demons.  They are bi, though, its often said so they get it where they can and who with who they'd like to bang, much like humans. 

Really, the male version of everything is awfully simple in its aim--seek, conquer, destroy, yeah, that's male for you!  I came, I saw, I conquered...but not in that order.  Anyway, on to our favorite Incubus.

Well, again, males are simple.  The most popular Incubus is Satan, Lucifer, the Angel of Light who was cast down to rule in hell, yeah...he's the most popular demon (dark angel) thought to assault and take what he wants in the night :)  He wants to hold you in the night...sleep tight!
In film, the best Incubus examples come in two movies I can think to speak of.  Those movies are...

The Entity (1982) - This whole film is about a lady being moolested by an unseen force (Incubus Demon) and having paranormal peeps come to investigate it and make it end, because let's face it, it sucks!

The Incubus (1982) - hey, good year!  In New England (Galen), which is like a fantastical, generic Salem, Massachusetts, a young man has premonitions (dreams) of young women being brutally assaulted and banged as well as murdered. Guess who's doing it, its an Incubus trying to impregnate peeps.  One girl survives, but he pretty much breaks their lady parts and they bleed out.  She doesn't, though, ick.  Sounds like my kinda guy!
Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Clearly John Castavettes is the go to actor for Incubi flicks.  Of course as we all know, Rosemary and Mr. Woodhouse, her husband move into the creepy building with the creepy old people and her baby she is carrying makes her sick and the potions the old lady gives her makes her sick and people commit suicide and he has his father's eyes, blah, blah.  His father is Satan, who of course is the most famous Incubus of all time.

Anyway, I was thinking of Incubi and Succubi and I watched Episode 1 of American Horror Story on Demand - Coven (Season 3) for the first time at my bestie's house.  When The Supreme sucks out the guy's life force and gets younger for a few minutes and when Madame LaLaurie makes the pancreas potion from people in the attic to make herself look younger as well as when Zoe causes men to bleed out when she bangs them.
My BFF and I wondered which power we'd rather have, the bleed out a guy while you do him or the life sucking power.  I'd rather suck the life out of a guy.  Its less messy and there is less waste.

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