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Monday, September 2, 2013

Best Horror Crime Shows

My thoughts have turned to the darkness of Discovery ID and The Bio Channel as well as my longing for Syfy, because my dearly departed cable has left me. I am withdrawing significantly not because I want to see the last episode of True Blood and didn't get to do so or because Dracula is coming in October along with American Horror Story, but because I have no idea what is on Discovery ID right now. I can't watch My Haunted House, and I know there have been new episodes of Paranormal Witness that I have not seen. Its a travesty. 


Anyway, I miss Body of Evidence with Dayle Hinman. That's not on. She's my modern day Clarice Starling. Although I love Candace DeLong, she just does not fill Dayle's place nor if she were gone and Dale came back could she fill Candace's void. That show was on back when all the crime shows were on TruTV and there wasn't Discovery ID yet. Speaking of Ms. DeLong, Deadly Women is running strong in its 7th Season.

Candace has chosen to keep her hair black instead of alternating colors and I'm glad, because its the color that complements her most. Red always seems good in theory, but when you color it that color, it never holds its red and just kinda turns into a mousy brown. I've been there several times, but this year, I didn't chop it all off and dye it blonde or red. I am holding my ground. Black it is and black it will stay like Little Miss Scare All.

You know who I miss most of all? I miss Dr. Stone, the cute little grandfather-like but more serious forensic psychiatrist who developed the number scale for the level of depravity a killer possesses to commit a particular type of "evil" crime.

Now, aside from Dr. Baden, I love Dr. Michael Stone very much, almost as much as Dr. Michael Baden. They are both Michael. When I see them appear on the television, a chorus of angels sings, you know like Michael, who defends you in battle when you are fighting spirits, the top guy as far as archangels go.

Anyway, Dr. Stone did that show Most Evil back in the day on Discovery ID that isn't on anymore. He does research at Columbia University.

The show had three seasons and featured different cases involving profiles on some unknown and some prolific murderers, serial killers, mass murderers, and other fun and interesting psychopaths. The Depravity Scale, measuring the "evilness" of one's crimes can be viewed here. It has 22 levels on which the crimes' depravity levels can be measured, depending on the particulars of what is involved with their acts.

For instance some notable personalities who have reached 22 on the scale are psychopaths who have very few feelings and even less remorse are John Wayne Gacy, Andrei Chickatilo (who scares the bejesus out of me), Little Jeffy Dahmer, Edmund Kemper, H.H. Holmes, and your friendly neighborhood civil servant, Dennis Rader, otherwise known as BTK. Sidereel has a nice list of links to where you can watch all three seasons here!

Very Bad men is an awesome show and its still on Discovery ID. Richard Kuklinski's wife was featured on the show.  Another related show that sometimes has wives of serial killers on it would be Who The Beep Did I Marry, where you can see Gary Ridgeway's wife discussing how she supported him until it become really obvious he was The Green River Killer.


You can watch it here Apparently, The Iceman was just out in theaters. WTF, how did I not know this. The latter stars Winona Ryder and James Franco. Ray Liotta is in it, too. Ok, I am not informed, clearly. You can watch clips here. IMBD has some info on it, too, here.


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