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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The House at the End of the Street Review

Humm, a very young and blonde looking Jennifer Lawrence (Elissa) and her older neighbor, a very cute and pearly toothed blonde with pretty blue eyes, Ryan, played by Max Thierault, otherwise known as Dylan, Norman Bates' big brother in the show, Bates Motel star in The House at the End of the Street with Elizabeth Shue as Elissa's single, hot blonde mama, who spends lots of time at the hospital as an ER nurse, I think.  Ryan is slightly older, but they never say how old, but old enough to live in the house his younger sister slaughtered their parents in.  He was sent to live with his senile aunt after his sister developed a brain injury, leaving her brain damaged, needing constant care by her parents.  His sister knocked off the parents and yeah, he still lives in the house with creepy legends of his dead sister roaming the woods.  He tells everyone that apparently she escaped from the house and drowned in a creek or river or some crap, so yeah, she's very dead.  More secrets lurk around the corner than meets the eye, though.  Everyone is mean to Ryan and nobody wants him to keep the house he lives in, because it brings down the property values of everyone else's house because of the murder and the stories about Carrie Ann, his sister roaming in the woods behind the house.

All the kids in Elissa's neighborhood are a-holes with the exception of Ryan, who is not a partying loser.  Elissa forms more than a friendship with this cute boy and her mother doesn't totally approve, because he's in community college and Elissa is only 17.  Oh, risque, lol!  The mysterious boy next door beckons and she is totally down.  You'll see what happens.  Its a thriller with some weird plot twists that all come together in the end.  Its PG-13 so you can even watch it with your older kiddies.


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