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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Psyched for True Blood Season 6

In case you didn't know, its started, True Blood Season 6, and unlike the dissatisfaction I felt with Season 5, it appears that the Faeries are actually getting interesting?  Does Sookie have a new love interest from among the Fae folk?  I hope so, I'd hit that.  He's a hottie.  As long as Alcide continues to bear his beautiful behind, I'm on board.  I don't even care if the storyline is good with the Werefolk as long as Alcide keeps taking off his attire.  I feel amorous, not just towards when Jason Stackhouse takes off his shirt and pants sometimes, but towards many of the characters on the show.  Eric needs to get naked more often, but I'll take Alcide for now. 

I would like to see some more hot lesbo action between Pam and Tara, but I think its not to be.  I think Pam is hot for Eric (I don't blame her.)...I'll take some hot Nordic Eric all day long, but Alicide is a viable option as well.  I wanna move to Bon Ton.  Do I get a choice of vampire, stupid jock boy with a Southern accent or Werewolf?  Why aren't there any hot shifters.  I don't want to do them. They are no fun.  Maybe next season.  Enjoy!

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