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Monday, September 17, 2012

Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness on SyFy is freakin' terrifying. It blows A Haunting out of the water, the best paranormal show on tv right now, hands down! And let me tell ya, I loved and still love the shiz out of A Haunting, the show, not the movie...guess what...the next episode on Paranormal Witness will be the true Haunting in Connecticut Story. I'd like to see their spin on that junk...hummm...we shall have to stay tuned. I always watch it on demand, because I have a penchant for falling asleep on Wednesday before it comes on, crap, its crap! Sleep, I mean.

The lady in the box, seriously, I won't continue, because you have to watch it, ewwww, I had
nightmares all last night, I loved it!

You can watch it on Hulu, too, but this particular episode I discussed is not up yet.
It will be.
Hulu is just a little slower.
You can watch episodes here...as they become available.

Another thing, who is psyched that American Horror Story's new season will begin in October with two original cast members returning to play different characters.

You can check out trailers here.
Old mental hospitals scare the bejesus out of me, not new ones, I've visited those, not personally, though, like I have not been committed...I visited others...

Constance is a nun, but its not freakin' Constance, confusion abounds, or is it, we'll find out.
What is Tate, a patient, hummm, perhaps...

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