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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Tribute to Serial Killing Dads!

Richard Kuklinski - The Iceman

 Richie was a daddy by day and a serial killing mob hitman by night, but he was still a dad at night when he was carrying out his haneous deeds.  He was just a serial killing dad who was doing what he loved and bringing home the bacon!

Yes, I get paid to write articles there, and sometimes these articles are on  horror movies and serial killers.  Yes!!!  I, like Richard, do what I love best!  

Dennis Rader - The BTK Killer
Dennie was a daddy, a proud member of The Lutheran Church, a dedicated civil servant (a dog catcher), and during his lunch breaks, he enjoyed a quick bind, torture, and/or kill.  It was on his lunch hour.  He was free to do what he loved.  Maybe you or I don't enjoy binding, torturing, or killing, but to each his own!

John Wayne Gacy
Mr. Gacy, first and foremost was an a dad, an artist, a husband, and a proud Democrat.  He was a pillar of his community, but unfortunately, when the young men were found in the crawl space in his house, all that changed.  John Wayne is the father of a couple of daughters.  He was also a momma's boy.  John Wayne's dad should have probably not beat him and he'd probably be a good guy.  If he was allowed to bisexual and still be a pillar of the community, then he'd probably be ok, too, but his suppressed sometimes homosexuality and physical beatings (abuse) that happened to him took a toll on this Serial Killing Daddy!

Charles Manson
Perhaps the most prolific serial killing dad of all, Charlie never killed anyone, and if he started killing, there wold be none of you left!  How much does it suck when you try to find out who your biological parents are, because you are adopted, and you find out Charlie's your dad.  Well, at least perhaps you get the genius intelligence and musical genetic gene.  Charlie was a super musician, with great musical talent.  He also excelled as a cult leader and enjoyed orgies when he got a chance, usually tripping on acid.  He's got alot of kids.  Some of them are pissed, but hey, you can't choose your parents.  Some of his kids are dutiful and write him in prison, but sometimes that ends when you get a note signed from dad with a swastika next to it.

I'd say its probably a good thing The Nightstalker, Jeffrey Dahmer, and some others didn't have kids.  They just don't seem like they are cut out to be parents.  Thank God Jeff was gay.  Boy, here is some food for thought today, guys and gals!

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