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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Classic Horror Movies to Watch Online!

A Bucket of Blood - Free – Roger Corman’s classic comedy/horror film set in Bohemian San Francisco. Shot in 5 days for $50,000. Internet Archive version here. (1959)

Bride of the MonstersFree – Bela Lugosi stars in an Ed Wood horror/sci fi film. (1955)

Carnival of SoulsFree – A low budget B film that became a cult classic. (1962) 

Dementia 13- Free – A horror film that was one of Francis Ford Coppola’s early mainstream efforts. HD widescreen version here. (1963)

FreaksFree – Tod Browning’s famous pre-code horror film about sideshow performers. Cast mostly composed of actual carnival performers. (1932)

Horror ExpressFree – Spanish horror film starring Telly Savalas of Kojak fame.

Island of Lost Souls – Free Bela Lugosi stars in the first film adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau, published in 1896. (1933)

Night of the Living DeadFree – A cult horror classic. Catch a high def version here. (1968)

VampyrFree – This horror film was Carl Theodor Dreyer’s follow-up to The Passion of Joan of Arc, and his first “talkie.” (1932)


  1. Bell Nuntita has a cameo role as a flight attendant in a new Thai horror movie titled "407 Dark Flight" from Five Star Production Company that also brought you the old horror movies


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