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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Woman In Black - Seen It!!!

The Woman In Black 
Starring Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 
aka. Mr. Harry Potter, 
The Boy Who Lived

Absolutely effing terrifying!  You know those old movies where there are barely any special effects and they just scare the crap out of you, make you jump out of your seat, make your heart pound, lots of gasping.  Yup, its psychological, dark, ominous and creepy!  It was very well done. 

Think vengeful ghost, scored woman, pissed, and man alone in a large cobwebby mansion with no electricity, by candlelight, on an isle with no way off other than to depend on a carriage to come at some point as agreed upon, without a phone of course.  Its around the turn of the century in the English countryside in a remote village.
Good luck not shizzing your pants!

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