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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chill (Cool Air) - H.P. Lovecraft Adaptation - Film!

I recently got bored and rented "Chill", which is essentially "Cool Air" on demand.  I was excited, because I knew it was an H.P. Lovecraft short story adapted into a film, which is usually a pretty good thing.  I watch Chill, and its classic Lovecraft, a tad bit cheesy, but it captured its point, and the story-line was good, because I had never read Cool Air, but I dug it.  If you're in for a psychological thriller, its a good idea to check it out either on Netflix or on Comcast On Demand for $2.99, sweet! 

Lovecraft wrote Cool Air in New England, which endears this story to me, as I have lived here all my life, and its an effing creepy place to be quite frank, how befitting!  I thought it was pretty cool that Kirsty from Hellraiser was in it as well as James Russo and Thomas Calabro, wasn't he on Melrose Place in the nineties, haha?  Kirsty looks great.  She looks younger than she did in the 80's!

H.P., you are my hero!

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