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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Donner Party Starring Crispin Glover

The Donner Party was a vast disappointment.  Despite the promise of continuous cannibalism, which it did deliver, I was unhappy with the amount of bloodshed and carnage in this depressing psychological pseudo-documentary.  I also don't think there was as much shooting of people as this adaptation claims.  I think they simply ate people who could not withstand the journey and died.  It was a nice attempt at trying to portray some sinister plot in the mid-1800's Sierra Mountains on a journey to Sutter, California, but it just didn't
deliver :(.

The best part of this flick was Crispin Glover, of course.  He did a good job of changing his demeanor, but you can't see him as anything else but his creepy Willard self or when he played Andy Warhol in The Doors.  It confused me, and that was the only interesting part.  There's lots of snow, and boring cannibalism, and some shooting of half dead people with bags under their eyes who can't defend themselves. 

Its fun to watch if you want to continuously make fun of the film with a group of friends, and you better watch it that way if you want to avoid passing out mid-movie and having to watch it 3 times before you can get through it, yup, it happened.  Granted, it was late when I started watching it, but come on, I can usually get through a film, especially if its in English and involves Cannibalism.

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