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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Violet's Dead! American Horror Story

Holy crap, I knew Violet was a goner.  As soon as the truancy officer came to The Murder House and the good doctor answered the door, I knew she was dead.  What I didn't know was that she was who was in the crawl space.  Yuck, bot flies!  Now she and Tate can be together forever.  I wonder how Violet will feel about that once she finds out one of her twin siblings in her mother's womb is sired by him?

And, doesn't Constance have four children, or does she have five.  Where is her other child(ren)?  Do we think they shall be introduced.  We can find out what's wrong with this kid.  We have Beauregard (Beau), who lived in the attic like Chunk from Goonies, Addie, who benignly has Downs Syndrome, and Tate, who is clearly the worst child of all, because he Columbined the shiznit out of his school, and lit his stepfather on fire, hummmm, I wonder how the other kids are doing?  I mean, we know they're dead.  Its not the ginger twins, who the eff are they?

I am going to speculate right now that Tate has a twin, and I think its Beau.  They are probably fraternal like Viv's little bundles of joy....Joy, not!!!!  Or, he just has a twin that looks just like him, hummm.

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