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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sociopath of the Week - Elizabeth Bathory

Countess Erzsébet Báthory, "The Blood Countess", was a Hungarian countess born on August 7, 1560.  She died on August 21, 1614.  By today’s standards, she would have been considered a cruel, heartless, sociopath.  The area in Hungary she lived in was what is present day Bratislava.  This area borders present day Hungary, Austria, and the Slovak Republic.  She is often referred to as the "Blood Countess" for the atrocities against young women she committed in her lifetime.  She and her accomplices were accused of torturing and killing a little under a hundred girls and women.  These were the cases that could be proven.  There were almost certainly many others.  She was never tried or punished for her crimes, but she was held in the Cachtice Castle and bricked in a set of rooms until she died for four long years.  Noble people didn’t get the punishment you or I would.

Elizabeth, as we call her in English-speaking countries, was a spoiled child with epilepsy.  She lived in a war torn region, and would have witnessed violence all around her.  As a child, she actually watched a gypsy woman be gutted.  This affected her as an individual.  She had a bisexual aunt and a schizophrenic uncle.  She learned many of her cruel, sadistic behaviors towards women from her mean and nasty aunt.  Elizabeth was said to be bisexual also.  Actually, she was more partial to women, but I can’t see she was kind to the vast majority of them.  She did have a financial advisor she was said to have had a sexual affair with, although she was a married woman.  Her husband, Count Fernencz Nadasdy, was the one who introduced her to sexual sadism, but I am of the opinion that she would have figured it out someday on her own one way or another.  Her marriage was a political one, as most were with the royalty of these times.  It was arranged and happened when she was about twenty-six years old.  People were terrified of Elizabeth, that they might anger her and "walked on eggshells" around the cruel, intelligent, and upstanding woman.  She took much joy in this.  She actually mothered four children, a horrifying thought!  During her husbands absences, going off to war, she kept busy beating servant girls, and carrying on sexual affairs with as many men and woman as tickled her sick fancy.
She was said to have bathed in the blood of virgins, whom she tortured and killed for the purpose of staying youthful.  Clearly she enjoyed torturing and killing, and the blood was just a bonus.  She would find peasant girls and offer them a job in her castle for wages.  When they arrived, she was cruel to them.  It is said she beat one of her servants with a brush until she bled for pulling her hair accidentally while grooming her tresses.  She chose peasant girls, because they would not really be missed, and upon further investigation, who was going to believe their families over a distinguished, wealthy countess?  Although some royalty and upper class were cruel to their servants, she was particularly cruel in a way that would be noticed above and beyond the norm.   In modern times, we would refer to her as "sadomasichistic".  She would actually torture them woman as she and her accomplices performed sexual acts on them before killing them horribly and drinking their blood as her reward.  She also took joy in throwing their bodies drained of their blood out into the woods so they might be eaten by animals and evidence would never be found.  This also alleviated the smell and the aggavation of disposal.

Under Hungarian law it was illegal to try or condemn a citizen of noble birth. Parliament passed an interim law and sentenced her to be sealed alive in bricked off rooms in Castle Cachtice.  She was given food and that was all. They found her lifeless body four years later when she was 54. She never apologized or shows remorse for what she had done. --- Factoidz.com

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