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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Watch Horror on Amazon With Your Free $5 Credit Tonight!

From Hell - Johnny Depp is a detective, much like an FBI profiler today, who chases not only Jack the Ripper, but he chases the dragon at Opium dens as well.  He enjoys solving crimes, Opium, and Absinthe, and oh, yeah, a hot little hooker played by Heather Gram, Mary Kelly!

The Uninvited -  is actually the American version (remake) of the Korean horror flick, A Tale of Two Sisters.  Anna, portrayed by Emily Browning is released from a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide due to her terminally ill mother being incinerated in a fire on the grounds of her home (a boathouse). Nearly a year later, she has no memory of this.  She and her sister believe their mom is trying to tell them something about her death from beyond.  There is an obscure nurse in the home getting jiggy with the dad, and that's an interesting twist as well. 

Stir of Echoes - Kevin Bacon and the chick from Law and Order are a couple who end up with some issues. Kevin Bacon's character likes to dig through the floor of their home without a shirt, and drink lots of orange juice. Why, you ask? Because, the spirit of a dead mentally disabled girl is communicating with him from beyond after he is hypnotized at a get-together with he and his wife's friend, played by Illeana Douglas, who is into that sort of thing. The spirit appears to him, and commands for him to dig, so he's got to dig. I'm grateful for that, because, Mr. Bacon, without a shirt, make the movie alone good enough to eat, I mean watch!

The Skeleton Key - Kate Hudson gets down on the Bayou. She is a home health care nurse for an elderly man and his wife, the old broad from the Notebook, in Louisiana. There is lots of strange things going on in this house. But, this is the sort of thing the bayou brings, strange country folk, voodoo, and lots of buried secrets....

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