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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Must See - Earwax & Zit Popping Medley!

Is that green corn?

I am speechless! This is a bit off the subject of horror, but its pretty darn horrible, which is awesome! I could watch these things for hours. There are actually websites dedicated to people popping zits, cysts, staph infections, and more hot and sexy things.

Also, in Asia, people are on an earwax picking frenzy, and I, for one do not blame them. Picking earwax with tools is fun to watch, and I can only imagine how fun it is to extract. For Christmas, I want a wax extractor, and I would like my lancet. My friend has taken it from me so I can't lance anything!

God that was satisfying! I hope I don't have all that junk in my ear!

I must add, as well, anybody who wants to see tonsil cheese, stay tuned, because I am going to throw that in there, too. Tonsil stones are these giant yellowish white puss and old food and bacteria balls lodged in holes in your tonsils. You don't want to miss this!
Thank you Billyjfilms on Youtube, I salute you for sharing this monstrosity!
Tonsil Stone Extraction with Laser Cryptolysis, God, I need a degree in medicine, or my Esthetician license, or both!

A special thanks to our friends from Alabama sharing this with Youtube, and the rest of the world, but most of all, me!  The fervor with which the popper lady pops makes my heart smile and my soul shine!  I hope Emmett's goldfish are not "cheese" flavored, if ya know what I mean, but ya, they are, aren't they?

These home surgery videos both enthrall and scare me, because I can only imagine the level unsanitariness, if that is a word, and subsequent infections.  Can we see those!?  Always consult a physician for this kind of crap, readers!

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