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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween Countdown - Night 26!

As promised, I will be posting yet more free horror movies and costuming, cos-play, Halloween make-up tutorials to get you prepped for the best holiday of the year, All Hallow's Eve'n

Tonight, I will be sharing 1972's Tales From the Crypt, which stars Joan Collins! Remember her? You all remember her from Dynasty is you are old like I am!!!!

This horror anthology based on the comic book of the same title follows five strangers who go on a tour to view historic catacombs. Separated from the group, one by one, they each find themselves in a room with the Crypt Keeper, who tells them each a story, which involves their character.

The Crypt Keeper on the HBO series made much later than this movie is absolutely adorable.  I want to sit him on my knee and tickle his little wrinkled feet.  He looks like a little dead baby.  Oooooh, that's probably going to get taken the wrong way by somebody.  He's just cute.  I love him like little old men are cute!
In honor of my handsome little dead, rotting-fleshed nugget, Mr. Crypt Keeper, tonight's Halloween make-up tutorial will show you how to do basic dead person make-up.  You can use this basic look to begin a zombie, corpse, ghost, or any dead person costume choice, really.  Its pretty all-purpose and looks cool!

I chose this particular tutorial, because not everybody is a make-up and special effects expert or even intermediate with make-up so I figured anyone could use this to complete a basic dead person effect!

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