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Saturday, October 11, 2014

21st Night Until Halloween - Free Movie, Makeup Tutorial & Goodies!

Tonight, because I have been listening to one of my favorite songs ever, (Little Red Riding Hood), I am going to post a myriad (well, maybe not that many or much) of Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood themed movies.  Hummm, I could wrap my head around hooking up with a were-person while he was in human form, of course.  Men are very similar to wolves hunting their prey.  Woman are more like vampires.  We want to suck the very life-force out of you, not just devour you, but consume you.  I bet they are like animals in the sack, were-men, that is!  There is something very primal about the werewolf and his pursuit of Red Riding Hood and even a good girl will dig deep to find out the very nature of the beast whether she really wants to know what lies beneath or not.  Would it matter to her if she found out?  You decide.  Hot!

I will post Ginger Snaps (2001) below for you to enjoy!

I'll post the trailer below so you can see if  you want to watch it if you have not yet seen it.  Its fairly decent, unique, and I really dug it!  Its actually ok to watch with your older kids, too, as there is no gratuitous gore or overt sex scenes (implied, but no overt).

I'm also going to post a costume werewolf make-up tutorial. below. There are two parts.

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