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Monday, October 20, 2014

12th Night Til Halloween - Femme Fatales - Costuming Tips & Free Movies!

I am going to post some psycho women movies as well as some brilliant costume ideas so you can become an evil femme fatale.  You know how I feel about serial killers?  I am going to post some of my favorite costuming ideas for the ladies, yup, for the ladies!!!

I have picked two femme fatale costuming ideas so you can look both pretty and psycho.  I have chosen period ensembles, because its fun to dress as characters from a different era.  Of course, these two historical serial killing chicks really existed.

Belle Gunness - Belle lived in the late 1800's to early 1900's.    I've seen a couple of photos of her and she dressed as a plain women of the day.  She was a woman in her 40's during her murder spree and was well-dressed.  You can "sexyfy" her if you like, but either way, dressing up as Belle is fun!

 A movie about her is in the works, but it appears that its still being made and has been in the works since 2012 since their Kickstarter campaign, in which it appears that they made in excess of $8,000 in support for this film to be created.  I can't wait! 

Belle Gunness (November 11, 1859 – April 28, 1908) was a Norwegian-American serial killer, who resided on a large farm in La Porte, Illinois.  She killed most of her suitors and boyfriends, and her two adopted children, Myrtle and Lucy. She may also have killed both of her husbands and all of her children, on different occasions. Her apparent motives involved collecting life insurance, cash and other valuables, and eliminating witnesses. Reports estimate that she killed between 25 and 40 people over several decades.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory (The Blood Countess) - The Countess was pretty, wealthy, and psycho.  She liked torture, bathing in women's blood, and was a mean, nasty femme fatale, but hey, she was well dressed, so why the hell not wear her in horror cos-play or on Halloween.  Hell, pass out candy as this chick!

To pull off Belle's look, you need a bustle skirt or a long fluffy Victorian skirt or a Victorian styled-dress that a woman in her late thirties to early forties in her class would have worn.  She didn't appear to wear make-up or anything other than Victorian-American dress and a bun on top of her head.

Here are some fabulous finds.  I don't want to post anything too pricy so I won't.  Keep in mind, you can look up lots of these types of period dress online for tutorials so you can make them, but they are cheap enough for most of us to buy (shortcut)!!!

To pull off Elizabeth Bathory, it might be a little easier to find traditional medieval or renaissance period attire so you can look like royalty.  She wore her hair up in a bun-like hairstyle, too, so that's not to difficult.  She appears to have a dark blonde to light brown hair color.  I'll link you to some pre-made costumes below.  It would be very difficult to make a costume for her.

Candy Apple Costumes has a really pretty costume for The Blood Countess or like characters for just under $60.  They come in plus sizes and are around the same price for the larger costumes.

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