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Monday, August 25, 2014

Horrific Cuisine

Live Octopus - Sannakji or sannakji hoe is a variety of hoe, or raw dish, in Korean cuisine. It consists of live nakji (a small octopus) cut into small pieces and usually lightly seasoned with sesame and sesame oil. The nakji pieces are usually still squirming on the plate. It can also be served whole.

Bats - Bats are a staple food source in certain parts of Asia.  Bats are eaten by some in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam, and in other Asian and Pacific Rim countries and cultures.  They are often considered a delicacy in some cultures.  In fact, The flying fox bat is now extinct, because of it being hunted and consumed. 

Fruit Bats, in some parts of the world, is consumed on a regular basis in a soup.  Apparently, fruit bats taste a bit like chicken.  In Guam, Mariana fruit bats are considered a delicacy.  Eating fruit bats is linked to the neurological disease, Lytico-Bodig disease and research is being conducted suggesting that the spread of Ebola may be linked to the consumption of Fruit Bats in Africa.  Research is also being conducted to find an antibody for Ebola in Fruit Bats.

Bats can and are grilled, barbecued, deep fried, stewed, and stir fried.  When deep fried, the entire bat may be cooked and consumed.  Bats are low in fat and high in protein when eaten.

During cooking, bats may emit odors similar to that of urine, because bats spend a significant amount of time in an upside-down position, causing urine and poop to remain on their bodies.  If they are not washed, this may be an issue.  Sometimes to mask the nasty odor, not that its not nasty enough to be eating them, garlic, onion, chili pepper, or beer might be added to the dish.

Sheep Heads - In the Middle East and in Africa, a popular breakfast food is sheep head, complete with the eyes and the brain.  They eat all the edible parts from the skull minus the bone and teeth.  They often add lemon and cinnamon to flavor the hideous thing as well as bullion cubes.  Yuck, gag, blech!

Animal Genitals - In China, ox penis is said to help the libido of a man.  Oh and in various parts of the world humans eat goat, sheep, donkey, dog, deer, cow, yak, seal, kangaroo and sheep shlong, too.  In china animal dink is often dipped in hot or soy sauce to make it more delicious.  Yeah, I'm good.  Animal cawk is supposed to be a good source of collagen and great for your skin.  I'd rather be covered in eczema and acne and have the skin of a 90 year-old, thanks.

Rats and Mice - Rat is considered a delicacy in Togo and in some areas of Africa.  The men of Togo often hunt rat to be prepared as meals, ewwww!  Rat is eaten in Vietnam and Cambodia.  Ricefield rats are consumed in the Philippines, the Isaan region of Thailand, and Cambodia.  The Musahar community in north India has commercialized rat farming as an exotic delicacy.

Bandicoot rats are a staple food source among some peoples in Southeast Asia.  The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimate that rat meat makes up half the locally produced meat consumed in Ghana, where cane rats are farmed and hunted for their meat.

Catching and eating mice is a common custom of the Tumbuka people of Eastern rural Zambia. As a delicacy, mice might be offered as a part of their traditional dishes, which is prepared using boiled water and then combining corn meal into a thickened mixture.

Monkey Brains - The consumption of monkey brains in Indonesia is believed by its peoples to cure erectile dysfunction.  In Africa, the Anyang tribe of Cameroon practices a tradition in which a new tribal chief consumes gorilla brain while another senior member of the tribe eats the poor gorilla's heart.

Consuming monkey brains may result in contracting fatal transmissible spongiform encephalopathies such as Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other prion disease.

Duck Fetus (Balut) - A balut is a developing duck fetus that is boiled alive and eaten in its shell. It is commonly sold as street-food in the Philippines. This cusine is often served and eaten in Southeast Asia, particularly in Laso and Cambodia as well as Vietnam.  Its often served with beer.

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