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Saturday, August 2, 2014

3 Horror Genre Movies I Will Never Understand!

I'm not a stupid woman despite some of the things that I might say or the way I might come across sometimes.  However, there are some movies I will just never understand no matter how hard I try to wrap my head around it and I am pretty good with abstract matters as far as "getting them" and I am actually pretty deep despite my sometimes oblivious and silly outward appearance.

1.  Session 9 (2001) - Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back.

Not only was it long and boring, but don't get it.  I really just wanted to see it, because it was filmed in the abandoned mental hospital in the area I grew up in and a town I once lived in my late 20's, Danvers, Massachusetts.  I lived there for about 5 years and have been fascinated with the building and grounds since I was a child and my grandmother told me what type of hospital it was, exactly.

I was excited to see Warren from Empire Records as an adult.  Warren isn't stealing CDs anymore.  Nobody cares about them.  Anyway, the movie is available on Netflix for members and on Comcast XFinity Go if you have it.  Click here to watch it on Xfinity Go.  Its only available on DVD at Netflix, unfortunately, but click here if you have Netflix to send for the DVD rental.

2.  Lost Highway (1997) - Set in a city with a very "L.A." feel, a jazz musician, tortured by the idea that his wife is cheating all of a sudden becomes accused of killing here.  Another story in this movie happens simultaneously; a mechanic is drawn into a web of lies by a seductress who isn't being faithful to her boyfriend, who is involved in organized crime. These two stories are tied together, because the two women in this movie, appear to be one in the same.  The men are connected by a strange set of circumstances that comes to pass and makes them unsure of who they even are.

Ok, now David Lynch confuses me and sometimes I get it, but Holy Mother of God!?????  I do not get it.  I will say, though, this movie has a seriously killer soundtrack and a really great cast!  David Lynch is good at making everything feel like film noir, making people have no idea who they even are, and having things happen at the same time in different dimensions, but it makes for a hell of a film and its creepy as hell!  Oh, bless the 90's.  It was a weird time!

This scene in particular bugs me out! Check it out in the player below!

Again, this one is only available on Netflix on DVD, but click here if you are a member and want to rent the DVD.  Its actually really hard to find to rent and it seems the only place you can rent the DVD without purchasing it is Netflix.

3.  Lovely Molly (2011) - Newlywed Molly, a recovering drug addict with family secrets, moves into her deceased parents' former home in the county, where painful memories soon begin to haunt her and her demons begin to surface, consequently. 

Weird, now, is the father demon-possessed and the infestation sort of spreads or is everyone in Molly's family out of their freakin' minds.  Is her husband really being naughty or is this all in her imagination, who knows.  Its anyone's guess.

If you have Comcast XFinity Go, you can watch Lovely Molly by clicking here.  Its also available to members of Vudu, Netflix, and Google Play.  You can also watch it on Amazon Instant Video.  Click the respective links aforementioned to be brought to the pages to rent the flick if you want to watch it!

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