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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorite Wicked Cartoon Villains

We all know and love them or love to hate them. Here are my favorite top ten cartoon villains.

1.   Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) - She curses Princess Aurora to pricking her finger on a spinning wheel spindle to die and the "Good Fairies" fix the curse the best they can, removing death and turning it into a sleep from which the Princess can only be awakened by true love's first kiss.

2.   The Evil Queen (Snow White) - She instructs the huntsman to cut out her step-daughter, Snow White's Heart and put it in a box and return it to her, but the huntsman takes pity on the poor girl and brings back the heart of a pig/hog.

3.   Cruella DeVille (101 Dalmatians) - She wishes to decimate Dalmatian puppies, 101 of them. She wears fur, smokes lots of cigarettes and wears a tight black dress just like all good female villains should!

4.   Him (Power Puff Girls) - Him is evil, but he's also fabulous and sports a pink tutu and has a slicked back widow's peak, big green eyes, and super evil red skin. He's got lobster claws for which to pinch you with and can only be fought off by the sweet and tough Power Puff Girls!

5.   Skeletor (He-Man) - He's evil, he's a skeleton, but he's got the hottest chick in the whole cartoon by his side, Evilyn. He's just as buff as He-Man, only he has no muscles or skin.

6.   Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget) - He wishes to destroy Inspector Gadget at all costs and has a wicked evil black cat. He is the faceless, claw gloved villain behind the computer screen and is always foiled by Inspector Gadget!

7.   Gargamel (The Smurfs) - Gargamel hates Smurfs and so does his evil cat, Azrael. All evil villains should have a cat. Gargamel is sort of a witchy character in the fashion of The Wicked Witch of the West, except set in a sort of Medieval atmosphere. He has a cauldron and all that good stuff and potions.

8.   Maximillion Pegasus (Yu Gi Oh!) - Pegasus is a classy, seemingly well-mannered and sophisticated metro-sexual man, who's a total d*ck. Pegasus was originally the main antagonist of the Duelist Kingdom, who wants to take over KaibaCorp and gain possession of the Millennium Items to combine KaibaCorp technology with the items in the hope of reviving his lover, Cecelia. Pegasus is depicted as a well-mannered, yet overly dramatic man obsessed with cartoons, concealing the appearance of a ruthless businessman and gamer, yet man of his word.

Pegasus has a habit of calling Yugi "Yugi-boy" and Kaiba "Kaiba-boy". When provoked, he can have a nasty temper. Pegasus is also notable for his foppish manner, dandified appearance, and effeminate hairstyle, all of which have led to him being referred to as "cutie-pie" (by Bandit Keith) and an "overdressed prima donna" (by Joey Wheeler).

9.   Beautiful Gorgeous (Jimmy Neutron) - Georgia Calamitous (better known as "Beautiful Gorgeous") is Professor Calamitous' daughter. She is an evil villainess, who falls in love with the Junkman (due to Jimmy's love potion) in "The League of Villains". When Beautiful Gorgeous was a child, her dream was to become the person, who puts "those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces" (in other words, aglets) as she told Jet in "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" though she was probably lying. She is voiced by Wendie Malick.

10.  The Misfits (Jem & the Holograms) - The opposing group of band "nasties" in Jem.  Jem is, of course, the nice band who plays nice.

Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor - (voiced by Patricia Alice Albrecht, singing voice recorded by Ellen Bernfield) – Pizzazz is an archetypal spoiled rich girl who performs lead vocals and guitar for the nasty girl-band, The Misfits. Pizzazz was raised by her tycoon father Harvey Gabor and was a spoiled child. Pizzazz is the primary antagonist of the show, constantly trying to upstage Jem and the Holograms; she digs Rio (Jem/Jerrica's boyfriend), Sean Harrison (British teen idol and Kimber's on-and-off boyfriend), and Riot (of The Stingers). Pizzazz despises her real name "Phyllis" and is prone to fits of rage if things don't go her way. Although Pizzazz has been raised in the presence of wealth and privilege her entire life and does enjoy the comforts it affords, she doesn't truly crave them as one would expect and instead desires to be famous and the object of adoration.

Roxanne "Roxy" Pellegrini (voiced by Samantha Paris and Bobbie Block) – Roxy is the Misfits' tough-as-nails bassist, who also provides backup vocals. A high school dropout from Philadelphia, she was almost completely illiterate until one of the Starlight girls, Ba Nee, gave her a kid's book to learn to read. She takes an instant dislike to Jetta and the two are often at odds with one other.

Mary "Stormer" Phillips - (voiced by Susan Blu, singing voice recorded by Lani Groves) - Stormer is the primary songwriter of the Misfits, Keytarist for the band, and the overall creative force behind the band (although almost never given credit). While Stormer seemingly eenjoys causing harmless mischief, she never does anything truly malicious to Jem and the Holograms and often expressed concern over some of the Misfits' nastier attempts to upstage them.

Sweet and compassionate, Stormer is often pushed around by the other Misfits. In the episode, "The Bands Break Up", she and Kimber forge a friendship when they, feeling unappreciated by their band-mates, team up, and record an album together. Though Stormer eventually returns to The Misfits (and Kimber to The Holograms), she does so with new-found self-assurance, and remains friends with Kimber.

Sheila "Jetta" Burns - (voiced by Louise Dorsey) – Jetta became the newest Misfit when Stormer hears Jetta playing the saxophone in a seedy dance club during a search for new talent. Jetta, is originally from Wissex, England and comes from a poor family; despite this, she likes telling people her family has close ties with the British Royal Family. Jetta is also a skilled pickpocket. Extremely perceptive and calculating, Jetta almost immediately begins a rivalry with Roxy for status in the band.

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