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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Salem Witch Trial History Documentaries

In light of my post the other day about witches, Voodoo, familiars, and poppet dolls (voodoo dolls), I thought I would post some Salem Witch Trial History Documentaries. Sometimes real history is much more interesting and entertaining than fiction such as The Crucible, which is based on a real story, but is actually a play written by Arthur Miller about the events that went down in Salem and his interpretation of how it all started. Its got truth to it, but the story is so much more than the play written by Miller.

Interestingly enough, did you guys know Arthur Miller, who was an old and not very attractive guy at the time, was married to Marilyn Monroe? She was pregnant with his baby and miscarried and got very sad, understandably.

And...here is a full length movie adaptation that is not The Crucible, which you have already probably seen and I have posted many times.

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