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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Urban Legends

What is your favorite urban legend? I like the mental patient with the hook that comes to get you while you are making out in a car at "the point" or some other place like the graveyard or the woods.

I'm going to list 5 movies about urban legends, some which you can watch online for free and tell you why I think they are wicked pissa.

1. Darkness Falls (2003) - The movie Darkness Falls in a horror film. The setting for this movie is in the town named Darkness Falls, Massachusetts. The movie tells the story of Matilda. She is a widow but liked by all the children of the town. When the children lose their teeth she would give them a coin. That earned her the nickname "Tooth Fairy." Matilda was in a fire that left her face disfigured. She has sensitivity to sunlight and only leaves her home at night. She wears a mask to protect her face.

Darkness Falls takes from Fall River, Massachusetts, the home of Lizzy Borden, who hacked her father and step-mother to death as a young lady as well as the local Hunchback of Nortre Dame-like matronly figure gone wrong.

Everybody's town has a legend about a pissed off spinstress or an actual pissed off spinstress who kills people and gets even. This is also evident in Dead Silence and similarly in, The Tooth Fairy. You can watch The Tooth Fairy below!

2.  Candyman (1992) - Candyman is based on the Bloody Mary Legend, but is given a back-story about an African-American slave who falls in love with a woman of European descent and is killed for it.  He's also got a hook for a hand so that takes care of the hook-toting psycho mental patient, but he's not a mental patient, he's just a pissed off dead guy.  You can watch Candyman by clicking here.  The aforementioned link is free to view.  Its also available on Sony's Crackle here for free.  Its also available on Netflix on DVD and streaming as well as Vudu and Amazon if you have access to these service(s).

3.  I didn't want to post Urban Legend, because I hate that movie, but if you want to watch it, you can watch it on Viewster here (free) as well as Netflix and Showtime if you have them. 

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