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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sickest Torture Devices

1.  The Iron Maiden - My favorite by far, the iron maiden is, of course, a device that encloses an entire human body and closes on a hinge like a closet shaped like a maiden (a young woman).  When the maiden is closed, spikes close in around you, piercing your flesh until you bleed to death if you are very lucky, quickly.  Death will certainly come and slowly when you are pierced with metal spikes from both sides and drained of all your sustenance (blood).  As surely as death by this device is painful, I can't imagine this death is quick.

2.  The Pear of Anguish (Choke Pear) - The choke pear is super, because it has multiple uses.  Essentially, it is used to be inserted into your mouth, rectum, or if you are a lady, your lady parts in the nether regions.  The choke pear sort of works like a metal gynecological speculum and is cranked out very uncomfortably until it extends your bodily orifices to limits it should not be extended to.  I can't imagine this is pleasant, comfortable, or without lots of bleeding and discomfort.  

3.  Heretic's Fork - The heretic's fork is essentially a metal bar that is held lengthwise between the chin and breast bone that runs the length of the throat and rests in the space between your throat and mediastinum (the area on the body behind the sternum in the middle of the thorax (the part of the body between the base of the neck and diaphragm).  The torture device has two opposite double-pronged forks and a strap that holds it all taught.  Its purpose is to be worn by the punished as they hang from some type of hanging device.  Once they get tired and can hold up their head no longer, the prongs pierced their throat or chest, which cannot be very fun!  Its main purpose is to cause sleep deprivation, not death, which probably would have been a welcome solution to their continued suffering. 

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