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Friday, May 9, 2014

MISIRLOU Movie Campaign

The psychedelic thriller is in the can. Pledge to see the film. Proceeds go to music, audio, SFX, fests, screenings, & sequel.

The Movie

Misirlou is a feature length film that has been broken down into 15 segments. During the campaign a new wEPISODE will air every two days. Once you pledge, you gain access to all the wEPISODES.

Misirlou began in 2010. It started as a seed for a short film where creative camera angles told the story of a guy tripping out on psychedelic drugs on the Venice Boardwalk. While contemplating how to make a larger feature film story out of this idea, Trevor was showing someone Miguel Calderon's painting featured in the film "The Royal Tenanbaums" when the idea of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" came to mind. At this moment he discovered the conflict that would fuel the story, psychos in killer masks harvesting a psychedelic compound out of their victims.

It took one year for Trevor to pen the script, however the script continued to develop, until they made it in the editing room. Trevor decided to cast himself as the lead role at a very early stage in the process. By casting himself he was relieved of all pressures from having to rely on another actor for the large majority of the scenes, since the majority of the movie features the main character, West Walker.

Summer 2013 - half way teaser

Trevor had 2 motorcycle wrecks filming this movie. He broke 3 cameras. Was in the back of 5 cop cars. Real blood was spilled as the cast and crew risked their life to get these shots. All for you to enjoy.

April 2012. Venice Beach. Revisit from Dr. Gonzo.

All sets were live. Not one location was shut down or blocked off for filming. All acting and stunts took place amidst the busy city of Los Angeles. The cast was skilled enough to adapt to the unusual working circumstances. The final cast was finalized November 2012. They shot on the film for one year.

March 2013. Anza Borrego Badlands. Charlie's Desert Dementia


LARRY BISHOP – LARRY WITH GUNS - Larry Bishop, the son of famous Rat Pack comic Joey Bishop, has appeared in classic television such as Laverne & Shirley and The Dukes of Hazzard. He has worked with Quentin Tarantino on Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Hell Ride.

ADAM HUSS - CHARLIE - Adam Huss played the lead in the films El Mascarado Massacre, Wannabe, Is It Just Me, The Brother’s Sinclair and The Cemetery. He has been on television shows such as NCIS, Passions, Monk, The Bold and the Beautiful, and now the Starz original series Power.

JACQUI HOLLAND - PENNY - Jacqui has been in television shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Workaholics, and Suburgatory. Her feature film credits include My Best Friend’s Girl, Hollywood Sex Wars, The Bride of Sodom, and Monsters in the Woods.

JORDAN MONAGHAN – BONNIE - Jordan Monaghan received her start in the ABC Family television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She was in Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP. She was chosen as Bonnie due to her amazing acting range and on screen innocence. She only recently turned 21 years old.

LEWIS SMITH - DETECTIVE MARLOWE - Smith played “Curly Bill” Broccious in the Kevin Costner film Wyatt Earp. He starred as Perfect Tommy in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Southern Comfort and The Heavenly Kid. He most recently got off the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained as Jinglebells Cody.

MELISSA HARO - MISSY - Melissa appeared in the 2008 & 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She replaced Paris Hilton as Guess Jeans spokeswoman in 2004. She was also a contestant on Project Runway.

ASH WILLIAMS - BROCK - Ash is a stand up comedian from Australia who plays Brock, the henchman who serves part as comic relief. He routinely performs stand up at some of Hollywood's top comedy platforms and his performance in the film is guaranteed to get some laughs.

JAMES KYSON LEE – MACK DELANEY - James Kyson Lee’s notable credit is his role as Ando Masahashi in the hit television show Heroes. He has also appeared in The West Wing, Las Vegas, CSI, and Hawaii Five-O. James plays a sketchy stoner named Mack who lives in a van with three dogs.

WYATT DENNY – Lizard King - Wyatt was casted by Sean Stone, who is a big Misirlou fan. Like Sean's Dad Oliver Stone's movie "The Doors" Misirlou also features a psychedelic front man who sends omens to the world.

SKOTI COLLINS – Skoti plays Officer Doogle a crooked cop who refuses to believe anything West Walker says. Skoti also delivered high production value cop cars and uniforms at an unbeatable price.


We have been in contact for quite some time now with Eric Roberts and his management team. Unable to afford his day rate, we have not been able to shoot a couple of scenes that's primary focus is to set up a sequel in which Eric Roberts will be the star. Having Roberts on the cast will PROPEL Misirlou to a whole new level. Eric will play a corrupt Army General who oversees the harvesting of enemies adrenal glands and the shipment of those glands back to the states for profit.

Trevor is currently penning the script for the sequel. The story jumps back and forth from past to present, like 'The Godfather 2'. In the present, West must infiltrate a Las Vegas Pit Fighting Circuit ran by:

The Underground Pit Fighting Circuit is suspected of Adrenal Gland harvesting. In the past, is the story of West Walker's army days where the origins of the adrenal gland drug are brought to life. We plan on shooting the war aspect of the sequel up north at Alabama Hills as well as Blue Cloud Ranch in Santa Clarita. As for the aspect of the film to be depicted as the present, we plan on shooting in Las Vegas. If we reach our goal,we will begin shooting Misirlou 2 and cut together a trailer to show as COMING ATTRACTIONS in the beginning of the Misirlou exploitation.

September 2013. Hollywood. Adam Huss as Charlie. Jordan Monaghan as Bonnie

I set the kickstarter goal at bare minimum. The reality of it is that films COST A LOT OF MONEY to make and even more money to promote. P & A (Print and Ads) for a feature film release is typically around $200,000, however those prices can go as high as $1,000,000. This campaign doesn't focus on P & A. It focuses on obtaining what's needed to get the movie to a FINAL CUT PRINT that we can license and show. We plan to screen the film all over the country in Misirlou's most popular zip codes. The majority of the campaign will cover fees for Music Copyrights plus Original Score, CGI Special Effects, a Full Post Sound Mix, Screening and Festival Fees, Digital Mastering, Eric Roberts, and shooting the trailer for MISIRLOU 2.

March 2013. Venice Beach. A giant bird flies into the scene

Support Independent. We can start a Film Revolution!

Filmmaking 101: Conceptualize, Write, Visualize, Plan, Execute, Exploit (our stage), and lastly Capitalize. But most Importantly - DO IT!

September 2013. Blue Cloud Ranch. Deus Ex Machina Adrenal Dream
The hardest trap to get out of is the waiting trap. The majority of unsuccessful filmmakers are stuck in the waiting phase. Whether they are waiting for the right idea to come along or they are waiting for money, waiting is the worst habit to have. Conceptualize an idea that is already within your own reach. This minimizes the reliance on outside forces or other parties.

January 2013. Venice Beach. Delusions of Murder

Write something that you know you can make. I had access to Venice Beach and Los Angeles, so I wrote a story to be set here. The location was actually the first character in the script. The location made the story! Take what you have and build the story around that.

As you write, start to Visualize the story as a visual movie. Visualize which shots will give what information contained in the script. Visualize which actor you want to play each role, then research actors who will fit your idea. Write to music that you may want to include in your sound track. Write at locations you know will be used when filming. If you don't know the locations yet, google location descriptions and find nearby solutions. Go on a location scout. Draw Storyboards.

December 2012. Storyboards for about 10 minutes of screen time.

Plan your production by listing all elements of the script. This is called Line Producing. Make a list of everything you will need in order to shoot each scene, as well as how much it will cost. Plan a shoot schedule by combining actors with locations so that you are as efficient with your time as possible. Time is money.

August 2013. Santa Monica. Getting the Money Shots

Book your talent, make sure you've got your crew and your gear ready, know how to secure the location, and create a game plan. Make sure you have prepared a solution for any problem that could arise.

When it's time to Execute hopefully you have everything prepared so that production runs smoothly. Set up the shot, call action, and work with the actors to best fulfill your vision. Our current phase is the Exploitation phase. This is when you take your hard earned movie and successfully show it to the world. Before we can do this, we must have all of the audio refinished and music licensed. If we can make you smile, we were successful. This is when we Capitalize.

July 2013. Vasquez Rocks. Unburying Treasure.

ULTIMATE GOAL - $100,000

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
The Music Rights have not been negotiated for all media worldwide perpetuity. The price may very well exceed our budget. If that is the case, we will attempt to have an original score replacement composed by a very talented composer.

The Audio Mix can also be very expensive. For instance, "The Blair Witch Project" cost $15,000 (when at the current stage we are at) until after Paramount purchased the film and implemented a $100,000 Sound Mix.

We hope to exceed our goal.

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