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Friday, May 2, 2014

Indie Filmakers - Ways to Fund & Promote Your Projects!

Are you making a killer indie film you want to get funded and off the ground?  I've been recently asked by many artists who make horror films, write horror scripts, and who are working on other projects that need extensive funding and that need attention via social media? 

Now, since I am writing this post, I can just link this to you when you ask!  I am now compiling a list of people and places to reach out to get the word out there that you are making a film.  I will also be listing some crowd funding sources to help you get your project off the ground!

1.  Facebook Groups - Not only do Facebook like pages and friends get you exposure, but so do Facebook Groups.  People in Facebook Groups are looking for specific types of friends and activities.  Join and start groups for your indie project and invite people so they know what your purpose is and you don't have to write tons of people every day and explain the same thing over and over.

2.  Press Kit - Make sure you write a purpose objective or have a video available to explain your project and why you need help promoting and funding it.  Share it online on the social media sites below.

Daily Motion

3.  Ways to Fund Yourself by Sharing Your Link???

Use a url shortner when you share you links to your campaigns.  This will help you earn money without having to ask people to fund you.  You are simply sharing your information.

Ad.Fly - shortens your link you post on social networks and for every click, you get money.  Smart idea, huh?

Wiki Nut - You get paid for clicks on this one when you write an article and share your trailer(s).

Gather - You earn money for posting and getting comments on this social network.

Red Gage - You earn money for posting on this social network when people click on your links.
4.  Crowd Funding Websites - Ask people to donate funds for your project by showing them what you are going to be doing!


5.  Indie Podcasts - Indie Podcasters are your friend.  In addition to webmasters and bloggers, asking to be a guest on indie podcasts in horror genres can be a valuable tool in getting your project seen and received in a positive manner.  Frequent podcasts to get exposure.  If podcast hosts dig your project, they will gladly promote it.  Where do you find quality horror podcasts?

Blog Talk Radio
Live 365
Tune In

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