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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Jersey Devil & Real Mermaids

I don't know about you, but I love to watch terrible horror movies with mythical creatures in them.  My favorite mythical beast is probably The Jersey Devil...well, aside from vampires, zombies, and werewolves.  We are not focusing on the latter as I think I have significantly covered those creatures.

Here is a fantabulous, yes, eff you, that's a word, I made it up...list of my top 5 favorite mythical creatures with accompanying movies, movies, trailers, or clips...yeah, one of the aforementioned...

1.  The Jersey Devil - Based on the absolute retardedness of this stupid thing, yup retardedness is a word...this creature has to be my favorite, hands down.

The Jersey Devil is said to reside in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. The creature is bipedal (has two legs) and cloven hooves, you know...like the devil.  There are various depictions of this stupid thing, though.  Its supposed to be a hopping goat thing with bat wings and little clawed arms.  Big head little arms, like a T-Rex, I suppose.  Its got a forked tail like depictions of Satan, also.  It lets out a chilling scream and moves very quickly. 

If you watch the episode of Monster Quest about the Jersey Devil, you will find out Napolean Bonaparte has a brother named Joseph!  Wow, so do I!  We are both short and we both have a brother named Joseph.  Napolean, I feel your pain!  Joseph sucks!

2. Mermaid Mermaids have been reportedly seen since before Christ.  They are, of course depicted as lovely creatures with a fish tail and a lower half and a human head, arms, and torso, sometimes with webbed hands, but they are also seen as sinister creatures "Sirens", who look pretty far away and sing beautifully to lure ships in and then up close they are ugly, haggard creatures with a terrible scream that crashes ships.

You can check out several informative and entertaining videos by clicking here, concerning "real mermaids" and sightings.  You can also check out "photographic evidence" of mermaids by clicking here.  I've heard the video below is a hoax, but yeah, you can still watch it.

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