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Monday, April 21, 2014

Best Free Streaming Horror Websites (2014)

Watch Free Horror Movies Online
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Do you have a lack of movies to watch on Netflix or do you not have Netflix or use Redbox? Are you low on funds and just couldn't be bothered wasting your hard-earned cash? Are you not happy with the selection of movies on Hulu Plus? 
Well, there are other alternatives and often they are free and offer no sign-up. Some even let you login with Facebook so you can share movies, embed them, and share links for your movies with friends so you can comment and discuss them, which many avid horror movie fans and movie freaks in general tend to do.

Saving These Sites For Future Use

There is always the bookmark feature, silly! You can also put the names of these sites in notepad so you can go back to them at a later time and watch more movies. There are even websites that have old public domain films that you might not even know are free to watch, post on websites, or even upload elsewhere for you and others to share and enjoy. Use your bookmark tool in your browser bar above your address bar where you type in website names. Its handy and will save you a large amount of time that you could be wasting on Google, Yahoo, Ask, or other popular search engines.

Free Horror Movie & TV Websites

Paranormal Movies & Shows Included on Some Sites!

Hulu (Regular Free Hulu, not Hulu Plus)
Hulu lets you stream shows and movies as well as popular clips, involving movie and TV trailers to your computer or mobile device(s).
Sony's Crackle - Its On (All Free)
Crackle lets you watch completely free movies and TV shows from your computer or mobile device(s). Crackle doesn't charge.
The CW - TV Network
Watch free streaming TV shows online or on your mobile device(s). Show selections as of April 2014 include The Vampire Diaries, Beauty and The Beast, Supernatural, and other non-horror genre shows!
Good Drama
Korean horror movies (subtitled) and other free Korean drama movie titles.
Drama Go
Japanese (subtitled) horror movies and other Japanese drama movie titles.
Popcorn Flix
Popcorn Flix offers a variety of free films to stream online or on your mobile device(s). Genres, of course include, horror and troma, but you can also watch family and children's movies, comedy, action and thriller movies, and other popular genres.
Fright Pix
Fright Pix is similar to Popcorn Flix, but it specializes in only horror and troma films. They are all free and stream online or on your mobile device(s).
Veoh is similar to Vimeo and YouTube, but it specializes in movies in all genres, including horror, thriller, and paranormal titles. You can also search TV shows on Veoh and watch for free online from your PC, laptop, or mobile device.
Daily Motion
Dailymotion is simliar to YouTube and offers free viewing of movies and TV shows. However, you do have to search for exactly what you are looking for similar to that of Veoh of YouTube.
Metacafe is similar to YouTube, Dailymotion, and Veoh. You can search TV and movie titles in all genres, including horror, of course!
You can choose to search for free horror films by using the search features on Viewster. You may also choose to only look for horror films or films of any genre! Be sure to search only for freebies. There are search filters you can use and the site is very user-friendly!
Top Documentary Films
You can watch horror and paranormal documentaries, using this entirely free websites as well as other types of documentaries of your choosing.
Fear Net
Fearnet offers free "web movies" to even those who don't have cable. Be sure to choose "web movies" when you are on the site so you can watch their free selections for the day, which they pick.
Yidio offers both free and paid horror, paranormal, thriller, and practically every other genre of movie selections. Be sure to choose to search for free movies in horror or which ever other genre you want to watch. This site is very similar to Viewster, but in my opinion, I think it has a bit more to offer.
OV Guide
OV Guide is similar in set-up fashion to Yidio and Viewster, but some of the selections are different. You can also search films by genre as well as whether they are free or paid. There is a good selection of free horror and paranormal films on this site you can watch from your computer, laptop, or mobile device(s).
Snag Films
Snag Films lets you watch films in a great variety of genres, including thrillers/horror from your computer or mobile device, including Roku, Playstation, XBox, and Amazon Kindle.
Retro Vision TV
Retro Vision TV offers a wide variety of retro horror films from the 1940's through the 1970's. Some are black and white and some are in color.
Full Horror
Full Horror specializes specifically in only horror films, which are available for free online for viewing. They are all free of charge. Many are older films, but not all of them.
Wicked Things Horror Theater
Wicked Things Horror Blog offers a TV page as well as free paranormal horror movies in its menu. At the top of the site, there is a menu bar that lets you choose to watch free streaming horror/paranormal TV or movies.
FFilms lets you watch free horror films in the embedded players on their site completely for free.
Vimeo lets you watch free horror and other movie genre content for free online. This site is similar to YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, and Veoh.
SyFy lets you watch free sci-fi/horror films and TV streaming from their website to your computer or mobile device. There are many more shows than there are movies on this site. Its all free even if you don't have cable or SyFy.
Horror The Que
Horror The Que offers retro horror films up until 1990 for free, streaming from your computer or mobile device, to all site visitors.
Free Movies Cinema
This site offer free streaming horror and sci-fi movies to visitors to stream to their computer or mobile device. All titles are free of charge to view.
Scary Movies
Scary Movies offers a small selection of free to view, mostly indie horror titles.
Bloody Rare Theater
Bloody Rare Theater offers free viewing of classic horror and sci-fi films.

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