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Monday, March 24, 2014

Todd Sheet's Spirits - Trailer & Synopsis

Todd Sheets, (who is a really cool guy, by the way), Director of House of Forbidden Secrets has done it again!   He wrote (along with Wayne Wisenan, Johnnie Reed, and Amanda Payton) and directed, Spirits, a new indie horror film that will crawl under your skin and stay there long after the credits roll.  The film will expose you to true fear, shocking horror, and unbelievable suspense.  Its not for the faint of heart. Don't watch it alone!

Extreme Entertainment presents Spirits, which stars Raven Reed, Jessica Hopkins, Dakota Lassen, William Epperson, and John O'Hara.  The film's executive producers are Jerry Roach, Chuck Weaver, and Johnnie Reed.  Mr. Sheets also edited this film.

The synopsis is shown below!

Interest in the Paranormal is at an all time high.  Is it a harmless fascination, a innocent hobby? Is it safe to peer deep into the darkness or is the darkness beginning to look back?  Is there a true, substantial evil waiting for those brave enough to seek it?

Four teens are about to uncover the truth about these dark forces. When Raven begins working at Shadowview Manor as an intern for a Law Office, she hears stories of the building being haunted.  People hear voices, doors close by themselves.  Even children have been seen then subsequently seem to disappear.  It doesn't help that the building was once the location of a horrible massacre, leaving many innocent people dead.

Being huge fans of the Paranormal shows on TV, Raven and her friends decide to investigate the building on a night when no one is there. What they encounter is real. Evil does exist and now you can experience every moment of the terror in a film that's
just as real, just as authentic , just as shocking as actually being there!

Check out the wicked awesome trailer below.  I love the way this is shot!

Check out House of Forbidden Secrets by clicking on the banner below!

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