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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Horror Movies: Cults

Spellbinder ( Yidio) - on after, a Mrs. White visits Jeff's office to warn him away from Miranda. Strangers begin to terrorize Jeff and stalk him, which causes Miranda to run off.  Jeff takes his concerns to the police about his missing girlfriend. While looking at a photo of the absent woman, an astute police officer notices the symbolic necklace that adorns Miranda's neck. The jewelry symbolizes a satanic cult that has been committing heinous crimes in the area. Is it possible that Miranda is part of the cult?

Jeff continues to investigate the cult and track down Miranda, all while being shadowed by members of the alleged cult. Miranda finally contacts Jeff, and he forces an explanation about her ties to the furtive satanic cult. As the coven pursues the lovers, it's a fight for life and death against dark magic in this twisted thriller.

Horror Hotel (Yidio) -  is about a town that has seemingly sold its soul to witchcraft and the devil. A college student goes to a Massachusetts town in search of evidence of witchcraft. The town is spooky and it gets spookier as the movie goes on. The dreary landscape in which this movie takes place exaggerates the sense of evil and doom.

 The young girl who goes in search of witches in a town with an interesting history finds all too many witches and discovers that there may be more than one.  There is something really strange about the owner of the hotel, and things get even stranger after the college student's boyfriend and brother arrive.

Mrs. Newlis, the owner of the hotel, hidden her oaths to Satan? Who exactly is in on it and how much control do witches have in this not too cozy town in Massachusetts?  This film is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho and for people familiar and the plot arch with murder and more mirrors that of Psycho.

It's an interesting film about a girl who is on a mission to find witches and finds that there is truly more than meets the eye in a town that has more secrets lurking than what one would find in any attic.

Deadly Blessing (1981) (Frightpix) -  A former Hittite (a member of an Amish-like cult) dies in a mysterious tractor "accident", and his widow is left to face the frightening Hittites who view her as "the incubus" and may have sinister plans for her. Note, she is now living in their community.

Demon Kiss (Frightpix) - An attempt to summon a demon using the sacrifice of a prostitute misfires - the evil entity instead possesses the body of the intended victim! With the ability to leap between hosts, how can it be stopped before it tracks down its target?

Children of the Corn (Hulu) - A young couple is trapped in a remote town where a dangerous religious cult of children believe everyone over the age of 18 must be killed.

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