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Friday, March 7, 2014

Cannibal Films for The Whole Family

The Hamiltons (2006) - The Hamiltons look like an ordinary American family, living in a small town in Northern California and dealing with similar issues to the rest of the world.  They've also been recently adjusting to the untimely death of their parents. David Hamilton, the oldest, has taken the responsibility of becoming the patriarch of his orphaned family of his siblings, which include fraternal twins, Wendell and Darlene, two sinister older teens, perhaps twenty-somethings, and two other younger siblings.  The youngest and most sensitive of the family is Francis. Francis recently found an old video camera his parents owned, and is using it to work on a school project about his family. It's through Francis' eyes that we soon get to know the Hamiltons and realize that they are far from normal, healthy, or okay.  You can check out The Hamiltons on Amazon, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Vudu.  To rent on Amazon if you don't have a prime account, its $2.99.


We Are What We Are (2013) - The Parkers have never been much for company. In fact, for as long as they've lived in the Catskills, none of their neighbors have set foot in their home. And that's by design; family patriarch Frank (Bill Sage) is intent on maintaining his ancestral customs, which wouldn't be understood by modern society. Meanwhile, when the storm clouds open up and their small town starts to flood, the local authorities make some disturbing discoveries that seem to confirm everyone's worst suspicions about the mysterious clan.

You can check out We Are What We Are on Cinema Now.  A $5 credit is shown below so you can check it out for free and maybe some other flix they have available.

Raw Meat aka Death Line (1973) - Patricia (Sharon Gurney) and her American boyfriend, Alex (David Ladd), find an important government official apparently unconscious on the stairs of a London Underground station. By the time they locate a cop to investigate, the body is gone. The sarcastically cynical Inspector Calhoun (Donald Pleasence) and his right-hand man, Rogers (Norman Rossington), take on the case. The culprit turns out to be a deranged man (Hugh Armstrong), the descendent of tunnel workers who were trapped in a cave-in and abandoned by the government at the turn of the century.

 "The Man" lives in the abandoned tunnel with his mate, "the Woman" (June Turner), and ventures into the Underground proper only to find hapless human victims and bring them back to their decrepit lair for food. When his mate dies, The Man goes in search of another. Put-off by Alex's lack of compassion, Patricia splits up with him, venturing into a train station alone, and before long, she finds herself in the underground hellhole.

Christopher Lee makes a cameo appearance as an officious, meddlesome MI5. Much to Sherman's chagrin, his film was re-edited by the producers and released to American grind houses under the title Raw Meat. It was shown in Britain in its original form, under its original title.  You can check out Raw Meat on Netflix or Blockbuster.

I posted the Raw Meat Trailer below.

Blood Feast (1972) - Blood Feast is a 1963 American low budget splatter film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. It concerns a psychopathic food caterer who kills women so that he can include their body parts in his meals and perform sacrifices to his "Egyptian goddess" Ishtar. It is considered the first splatter film, and is notable for its ground-breaking depictions of on-screen gore. It was followed by a belated sequel, Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat, in 2002.  You can watch it free here.

Blood Feast II: All You Can Eat (2002) - At its core a splatter film, Blood Feast II was directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Filmed under a working title of Blood Feast 2: Buffet of Blood and using the same grind-house style as its predecessor, the film continues the story began in the original film, where a grandson of Fuad Ramses attempts to restart his uncle's catering business. The film features a cameo appearance by John Waters, a fan of Lewis' work.  You can watch it for free below.  Alternatively, you can catch this flick on Blockbuster or Netflix.

Ice Cream Man (1995) - When you hear the happy jingle of the ice cream truck driving down your neighborhood street, lock your doors and pray to the Dairy Queen that the Ice Cream Man doesn't stop to bring you a cone -- because a soft-serve headache is nothing compared to the pain that this dairy demon will make you feel! As a child, Gregory Trudor (Clint Howard) suffered severe mental trauma when he witnessed the brutal murder of his best friend "The Ice Cream King." As an adult, all Gregory wanted was to take the place of the man he looked up to most, but the terror that haunts him drives a murderous blood-lust that can only be satiated by committing horrific acts of cold-blooded murder. The kids always used to come running when the familiar jingle of the Ice Cream Man's truck filled the neighborhood streets -- now they'll be running for their lives.  You can watch it for free here.  Alternatively, its available on Blockbuster and Netflix.

2000 Maniacs (1964) - Herschell Gordon Lewis reached a creative peak with this darkly comic slaughterfest about six vacationing Yankee Northerners who fall victim to the cheerfully violent Southern hospitality of Pleasant Valley. In The United States, as anyone who is familiar with American History, Yankees were part of the Union during the Civil War.  the Union was anti-slavery and The Confederates (Southerners) were for slavery, the reason why we had a "civil war" in The United States.  Did you enjoy your history lesson?

Made the guests of honor in the town's centennial celebration, the hapless visitors soon discover that the obligations of their title include being used for the locals' bloody amusements -- which include being rolled downhill in a barrel full of sharp spikes and strapped down beneath a boulder for a hideous variation on the dunking booth -- and eventually ending up on the spit for the evening's barbecue. It turns out the bloodthirsty rednecks have come back from the dead after 100 years to exact symbolic revenge for the slaughter of the entire town by the Union Army.

Filmed in sunny St. Cloud, Florida, in the South of The United States, (Its near Disney World), Lewis contributed his talents to some of the songs (credited to the Pleasant Valley Boys), including "Rebel Yell" (not to be confused with the Billy Idol tune) and a rousing rendition of "Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms," which accompanies a shot of a severed arm rotating on a barbecue spit.  You can watch it for free here.  Alternatively, its available to Blockbuster and Netflix subscribers if have have either service.  Okay, guys and dolls, the songs are the best effing part!!!

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