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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

100 Years of Horror - Hosted by Christopher Lee

Anybody who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee aka Dracula circa 1957-1976 (my favorite Dracula), who hots this series, (I mean hosts, Freudian slip), which you can watch online and check out all 26 episodes for free streaming online.
Sir Christopher Lee is actually a knight, which makes total sense, because he is the epitome of English hotness even as an older man of 91 years of age. He will be 92 on May 27. He was knighted for his contributions to dramatic acting and charity in 2009 though he is also an operatic singer.  

You can watch the 100 Years of Horror series for free online by clicking here.

He has one of the sexiest voices and hottest British accents I have ever heard in my lifetime if not "the" hottest. He is particularly proud of his role in The Wicker Man, a British film in which he portrayed the ultra dignified and creepy Lord Summerisle in 1973.

Did you enjoy that hardcore early 70's hippy free-loving vibe of the psychos on Summerisle? Did you want to do an acid dance and then hold hands and dance naked?  I know I did!

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