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Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Lily (2007) - Creepy Horror Flick!

Winter Lily was a pretty creepy flick and set in a remote bed and breakfast in the middle of winter, that adds to the ambiance of the creepy tone.  Imagine being snowbound in a creepy bed and breakfast where some weirdo guy is skinning his own rabbits for dinner and you are stuck.

So, if you are settling down for a long winter's nap or going to bed for the night and the snow is stacked high outside your window or even if its not, this is a good flick to fall asleep to, because its not blood and gore and things popping out at you, its more a slow progression of disturbing facts that compile to make the story.

I can't really tell you much more, because I will give away the plot, but the main character in the movie is a photographer who has come to capture a beautiful New England winter with his camera if I remember correctly.  It seems like its set in New England.

The bed and breakfast is mainly run by a woman who has a sickly daughter who spends her time in her bedroom resting, Lily.  The photographer is the only border, because nobody comes to visit the bed and breakfast in the snow-blinding conditions in which he finds when he arrives.


I watched it on Netflix when I saw it.  I would share a trailer, but I can't find one, weird!  Trust me on this one, if you have Netflix, its creepy!  Its also free on Amazon Prime and $1.99 for those who don't have Amazon Prime.

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