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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Free Streaming Horror Movie - The Woods

The Woods - Heather is rebellious and constantly getting into trouble. One day she starts a forest fire that could have easily resulted in tragedy. Heather's parents, Alice and Joe, are fed up and have no idea what to do with her. They decide to send her to a boarding school. The boarding school is called Falburn Academy, and it is located in the middle of some woods. 

Joe is in dire financial straits, and the boarding school is mainly for children of wealthy parents. However, he begs the dean, Ms. Traverse, to accept Heather, and she agrees. While at the school, Heather meets Marcy Turner. Marcy is a weird girl, and she has trouble fitting in at the school, but she and Heather form a bond. Samantha Wise is another girl at the school, and she bullies Heather and Marcy constantly.  However, the school has mysterious aspects to it that affect Heather. Every night, she has nightmares. Soon she begins to hear voices that come from the woods.

I loved The Woods.  Its reminiscent of Satan's School for Girls.  Its at a remote girl's school and its god that same odd overtone and a weird headmaster, but its a headmistress in this case.

I just have one thing to say and then you can tell me you get it after you watch.  


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