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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Free Pandemic & Zombie Outbreak Games Online

Pandemic I - Create your own custom virus to wipe out the world!

Pandemic II - The sequel to Pandemic I, a little more detailed with a higher difficulty level.

Pandemic - American Swine - In this version, you are trying to negate the virus and save the world instead of trying to create a virus and destroy humanity. 

Pandemic EOM - Extinction of man is a spin-off of Pandemic! The game features brand new game-play and features.

Pandemic III - The long awaited sequel to all the Pandemic games that have existed with new, advanced, and kick-azz features!

Infectionator - World Dominator - Create a successful zombie outbreak that can't we fought off to conquer the world!  

Infectionator II -  The sequel to Infectionator - World Dominator

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